West Coast Metal Buildings

Why West Coast Metal Buildings is an Excellent Choice

West Coast Metal Buildings is a relatively new player in the metal building manufacturing industry but is fast catching up. Established in 2003, the company had its humble beginning in Hermiston before expanding to Salem, Oregon.

West Coast Metal Buildings specializes in carports, barns, RV covers, RV parking, sheds, patios, garages, and storage buildings. It also offers custom-built structures, especially for those looking for solutions for odd dimensions. It bills itself as having the most complete line of west coast metal carports and garages in the industry.

West Coast Metal Buildings delivers and installs in Oregon, Idaho, California and Washington.

What to expect from West Coast Metal Buildings?

What is really special about West Coast Metal Buildings is that it delivers and installs buildings of whatever kind without charging an extra cost. Nevertheless, clients may still choose to install the buildings themselves. They can pick up the materials or they may request for the materials to be delivered to their project site. A printable installation manual for standard buildings is provided with no additional cost.

West Coast Metal Buildings also offers a free quotation service. It has a complete online estimating solution available on its website.

Its happy customers would testify about its speed and efficiency in installing the buildings. It claims of having one of the shortest lead times for delivery in areas it serves. In most cases, West Coast Metal Buildings installs buildings in 10 weeks or less.

Most of the products of West Coast Metal Buildings are easy to assemble, where installation can be done in just one day. Depending upon the size of the building, installation may take two days longer.

The company’s buildings come with warranties. Its 12-gauge buildings are secured with a limited warranty for 20 years. It covers rust-through roofing and framing materials. A 10-year limited warranty comes with 14-gauge buildings.

All products from West Coast Metal Buildings are galvanized and environment-friendly as they are 100% recyclable.

metal building roof

What are the roof styles that West Coast Metal Buildings offers?

Choosing a roof style depends really on the purpose of the project. West Coast Metal Buildings offers three major roof styles. The most popular one is the round style which has an overhang measuring 6 inches on the ends. On the roof panels are standing seams that go from one end to another.

This allows smooth transport of fluids to either chosen end. This perfectly suits carports. The second one is the stylish A-Frame horizontal style. A Gable roof shape results in a 6-inch overhang all around.

The last one is the A-Frame vertical which is a preferred choice for protecting buildings from snow or debris.


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How much are the carports being offered by the West Coast Metal Buildings?

West Coast Metal Buildings strives to offer the best value in carport available. Prices for carports depend on the roof style and dimensions.

A carport with 14 gauge round style roof with a standard dimension of 12”x21” costs $795 while a 12 gauge round style roof amounts to $995.

A carport with a 14 gauge A-Frame Horizontal roof style with a standard dimension of 12”x21” has a selling price of $895. A 12 gauge A-Frame Horizontal roof style with the same dimension is meanwhile priced at $1,195.

Lastly, a carport with a 14 gauge A-Frame Vertical roof style with a standard dimension of 12”x21” is being sold at $1,245 while a 12 gauge A-Frame Vertical roof style of a similar dimension costs $1,495. A double poled vertical roof style is meanwhile priced at $1,695.

Prices may also vary from state to state.

metal building interior

How to order from West Coast Metal Buildings?

Placing an order with West Coast Metal Buildings can be done by calling their hotline 1-8666-404-7788. Their office hours during weekdays start from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. It is also open on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. You may also send a message online. A message button appears on their website for easy access. A company’s sales rep will be in touch shortly and will be happy to assist.

WCMB accepts major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards, but a 3% card fee applies.

How to prepare your site for easy installation of the metal storage buildings?

Site preparation is an essential activity before any building project can be done. An unfriendly site can destroy plans and the overall project.

Site preparation may consist of clearing the site from any unwanted materials such as trees, roots, debris, and other obstacles and performing necessary rough grading. It is suggested that site preparation be done at least a week prior to installation. Also, part of the preparation is site surveying and securing building permits that are required in the area.

It is important to take note that WCMBINC will not be responsible for any site preparation. This is the sole responsibility of the client.

Before preparing the site for installation, it is also important to check on the things that may affect or could be affected by the placement of the metal building or carport such as setbacks and easements, topography, views, driveway, exposure to the sun, and trees that you want to keep.

For an easy preparation of the site, you may follow the following steps:

  1. Remove all the vegetation and cut off or uproot trees totally.
  2. All underground lines for anchoring must have benchmarks for easy recognition. Layout properly the orientation and trench lines of the building.
  3. Set up the location for the storage and stacking of the materials.
  4. Fix the boundary line markers.
  5. Square and level off the land. Holes must be filled with sands or rammed earth.
  6. There must be a minimum of 2 feet workspace around the structure.
  7. Power lines should be fully shut off. Overhead powerlines should be 10 feet minimum.

metal building insulation

How much are carports offered by the West Coast Metal Buildings?

West Coast Metal Building strives to provide excellent service and quality service for carports. Carport prices are dependent on roof type/dimension.

A carport with a 14 gauge round roof whose standard dimensions are 12×21” costs $795 while a 12 gauge round roof carries 975.00 dollars.

A 15-foot A-frame horizontal roof – garage sold with 12” x 21” dimensions and sells for $895.

One 14 gauge A-frame horizontal roofing style has a similar height and is priced at $1195.

A 14-inch x 14-inch carport is being offered in the A-frame vertical sizing for $1245, a carport for $1245, and a 12 gauge vertical sizing for $1499.

Carports are installed in different states including Texas, Virginia, California, New York, Colorado and Oklahoma.

A carport is mainly used to protect vehicles from the sun and rainwater. It is also used for additional storage of materials such as spare parts or chemicals that cannot be left outdoors for too long.

metal building garage

What should I expect from West Coast Metal Buildings?

West Coast Metal Builders are unique because they can supply and install all sorts of structures without any additional cost.

Clients may choose a building installation. They can take the materials or they may have the supplies delivered from the project site. A print installation manual can be downloaded from a standard building site for no extra charge.

West Coast Metal Building also offers free quotation services. On their website, the company provides the complete cost estimate software package. Those satisfied customers will be able to say how quickly they have installed their building. A metal building is a type of large structure that can be used as a factory, workshop, gymnasium or garage.

Metal buildings are usually made from corrugated steel sheets and it has a framework or skeleton of interconnected purlins and rafters. A roof is attached to the structure. The insulation materials cover the roof for protection from the weather.

A metal building can be built in different ways. One of the most common types is the single slope roof that has an end wall at one end and a lower wall at the other end. A double slope roof, on the other hand, has two walls and these are connected to each other by a gable truss.

metal building foundation

Custom Built Structures

There are different types of metal buildings. It may be a carport, a metal RV cover, hangar, shop, or warehouse. When you are choosing the structure for your building, it is important to consider the uses that will be assigned to these structures. Here are some considerations when choosing a type of metal building:

  • The space available-is this enough space to build a certain type of metal building?
  • Is the ground level enough to accommodate the size and design of the proposed structure? Will there be problems with the installation and delivery of materials?
  • What will be installed in the area and what is its function? Will this affect your choice for a specific type of metal building.
  • What will be the function of this option?
  • What type of material do you want to use for your building?
  • Does the structure have a specific height requirement that needs to be met by all installations?

A metal building can meet any need. It just depends on how it will be used and what you want from it. Metal buildings are a good investment because of their durability and versatility. It can be used as a garage or shed where machinery can be repaired. The structure can also serve as an aircraft hangar, workshop, storage building, and gymnasium among others.

Metal buildings are durable compared to other structures that are made from wood or bricks and tiles. You just need to choose the right design and the best building materials so it will last for many years. West coast metals also offer customization for each type of metal building including workshop, garage, carports, and more.

The company also provides free quotation services. This can be done through their website. Here you will find the complete workshop cost estimate software package that covers everything from labor costs to materials needed for any size or shape structure.

You can also visit them on Facebook. They are offering a discount for everyone who orders through this online platform. The company is committed to providing quality structures at affordable prices.

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How to prepare your site for easy installation of the building?

Site planning is a key step in any building project. A hostile site can ruin plans as well as a whole project. Site preparation may include removing all unwanted materials, such as tree roots, debris, etc., and completing necessary rough marking. The site should be prepared within two weeks of installation.

Parts of the planning also include surveys of the site and the necessary construction permits. This is very important, as WCMBINC is not able to update the site on site. All of these responsibilities come from the client.

Often, it is better to draw a plan before laying out the foundation. This is where the layout plan comes in. The architectural plans should be drawn with dimensions that are approved by WCMBINC. An architect can help you determine all of these details if there are no specific structures on your property.

To identify potential problems during construction, it is important to do soil tests. This will help you learn more about the quality of the ground around your property and whether it is suitable for construction. To begin with, you should contact an engineer or geotechnical firm that can test samples taken from different parts of the building site.

If there are problems found in the soil, these should be resolved before starting construction. If this requires filling areas where buildings will be installed, the client should take responsibility for this work. It is not possible to make any changes in plans after the design has begun without additional charges/costs resulting to clients.

It is also good if you collect data like footings positions using GPS-based online technology.

metal building interior

What kind of metal building do you want to use?

There are different types of metal buildings that can be used for various purposes. These include Quonset, Barbosa, truss-frame, and steel buildings. It is important to consider the function of your building when choosing a specific type.


This offers excellent protection against outside elements because it provides complete coverage on all sides (except with regard to doorways). A Quonset hut may be installed as an office or workspace. In addition, these structures can also serve as workshops, repair shops, and storage areas. When purchasing this structure from the WCMBINC equipment manufacturer, make sure it has been designed to withstand wind speeds up to 150 mph / 241 km / h. The frame should also be waterproof.


This is another great option when it comes to metal buildings. This type has a shape similar to the letter H. The frame should be strong enough to support roof structures that can bear heavy snow loads or other types of roofs with long spans . Barborsa offers many advantages because it does not need much space for installation and can withstand wind speeds up to 100 mph / 161 km / h without requiring extra reinforcement.


Another good choice when considering metal structures, this meets specific code requirements in different states. It also uses less material compared to other types of building structures which means there are cost savings when purchasing WCMBINC manufactured truss-frame structure . This type is easy to construct and has a high degree of durability.


Although it may be a little pricey compared to other building options, steel offers the most extensive protection against storms and fire. The frame is manufactured from galvanized steel bars that can resist corrosion . This type is considered an economical option for those who want to create an efficient structure with low maintenance costs.

metal building roofing

What are the roof styles that West Coast Metal Buildings offers?

Choosing Roofing styles depends on the intended function. Westcoast Metal Buildings offers three main styles of roofs.

Most favored is the round shape with a 6 inch overhang at the bottom. On the roof panels there is a seam between two sides. It makes fluid transport easy in both directions. The carport has it all.

The second is the elegant vertical frame of the A-frame. A gable-style roof creates 6 inches of an overhang.

The final is the A-frame vertical, which provides protection of the structure from snow and debris. This design has a style of the A-frame.

Are any accessories required for installation?

While some people may think they can install metal buildings without additional devices, this is not true. The only way to ensure safety and stability is through proper anchoring of the structure to the ground. Unfortunately, it is impossible to install the building alone and there should be someone who can provide assistance when installing sections or panels on top of each other. Some suggested equipment includes:

• Bolt cutter -for cutting bolts that hold structures together; $10-$15/hour

• Electric impact wrench-used in tightening bolts by applying high torque fastening power; or rent where available

• Earth or concrete anchors-to attach structures firmly to the ground; $5-6 a piece

• Hand tools & cutting tools-to remove covers, pry sheets and cut bolts/screws with a bolt cutter; $10-$15/hour

Anchoring Procedures:

• The building should be tied down to an anchor rod placed in concrete. Make sure the depth of the rods is not more than 12 inches from the surface. In addition, make sure they are at least 40 feet apart from each other.

The ideal anchoring length for steel buildings is 20% of the total wall height or 20 ft., whichever is less . For example, if your structure has a height of 30ft., then a minimum of six (6) required anchors would be needed.

• Before driving the anchors into the ground, it is important to put concrete or plastic washers in the hole. This should be done for every anchor that will be driven into the floor . This can ensure proper fit and should also prevent bolts from becoming loose after installation .

• When attaching steel buildings to concrete foundations, use pre-punched anchor plates . If no anchoring plate is available , make sure you firmly attach angles brackets to one side of each beam before bolting to a foundation. Also drill holes in your joists before inserting bolts for added strength.

For structures without pre-existing footers, support beams or flat solid surface, you will need metal jacks called jack posts. These are placed behind each post/beam and anchored to the ground. They should be used as a support for the entire length of beams and posts.

metal building steel panels

Installation Procedures:

• Wind Uplift: Building panels should be locked together during windy conditions . Wind uplift is caused by strong gusts of wind that lift up and blow off roof panels . This can be prevented by attaching all loose parts securely, especially sheets at the gable ends.

• Penetration: It is very important to make sure all areas are covered with metallic panels before installation. If hardware or metal pieces are exposed, they may cause damage to other buildings/trucks passing nearby

• Proper clearance: it is always necessary to keep a building’s height below surrounding trees and power lines for safety concerns .

• Snow load: Since most metal buildings are pitched, they can accumulate large amounts of snow. To avoid any structural damage, always make sure you remove all snow from the roof as soon as possible to prevent building collapse.

The only way to ensure safety and stability is through proper anchoring of the structure to the ground. Unfortunately, it is impossible to install a building alone and there should be someone who can provide assistance when installing sections or panels on top of each other. Some suggested equipment includes:

• Bolt cutter -for cutting bolts that hold structures together; $10-$15/hour

• Electric impact wrench-used in tightening bolts by applying high torque fastening power; or rent where available

• Earth or concrete anchors-to attach structures firmly to the ground; $5-6 a piece

• Hand tools & cutting tools-to remove covers, pry sheets and cut bolts/screws with a bolt cutter; $10-$15/hour


Quonset building

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Quonset Hut Steel Buildings are suitable from residential to farming to commercial purposes. This type of building style is very popular for building a DIY workshop on your property. This style of building will have extreme versatility and you will enjoy the ease of assembly.

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