Steel Church Buildings

Steel Church Buildings

Steel church buildings help you save money on pricey architect costs and have features and appeal to be marveled at. They could be custom-made to satisfy your congregation’s current requirements while enabling future expansion at a reasonable price.

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In most cases, high-quality steel worship centers from reputable manufacturers are an excellent alternative to conventional construction methods. They can be erected quickly and efficiently at substantial financial savings over other building methods. In fact, the upfront cost is about half as expensive as a comparable wood church with comparable square footage.

Steel Church Buildings

Why are Steel Church Buildings So Popular

As the years go by, the design of the buildings will depend on the number of members, their tasks, and whether they are multi-purpose facilities or houses of worship. The main principle is for them to be functional, attractive, durable, and economical.

Metal church buildings can cost around 30-45% less than conventional church buildings. They also feature superior insulation and a superior R-rating, allowing them to be less expensive to heat and cool.

Certain steel churches are designed with the same beautiful look as pre-built homes or commercial buildings. This allows for all members to feel ownership in the facility from the moment it’s handed over from the manufacturer. When you buy a home, there is typically a long waiting period before you can move in. With prefab church buildings, your new facility is ready for occupancy within 90 days of the time construction starts.

Metal church buildings are also popular because they can be designed to accommodate future growth at an affordable price. Many of these types of churches have even added SBCs (small basic church buildings) onto existing steel churches to accommodate the growth that occurred after construction.


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Steel Church Buildings

Advantages of Steel Church Buildings

Metal church buildings come with many advantages over traditional construction methods. They are as follows:

Great Investment

Since steel buildings for churches are such a great investment, lenders such as banks and credit unions actually prefer them as collateral.

Energy Efficiency

Steel church buildings also come with the added security of having extremely energy-efficient insulation which can save your congregation an additional 25% energy costs on utility bills than your existing building.


Steel church buildings are a lot lighter than comparable wood buildings which makes them easier to transport and assemble. This also allows the structure to be built using lighter, less expensive construction equipment.


There’s no need for steel churches to have flat roofs because you can point the roof in any direction you wish depending on the geography of your land.


As you can imagine, steel church buildings are considered to be modern and attractive by many congregations. They’ve become very popular with younger congregations who want an edgier look for their worship space.

Steel Church Buildings


The square foot manufacturing process of a pre-engineered steel building is far cheaper than traditional methods, which means that the whole construction is going to be a lot cheaper. A contractor can use structural insulated panels (SIPs) for this type of construction.

Fire Resistance

If you’re concerned about the safety of your church members in case there is a fire, then steel church buildings are perfect for this. They are 90% more fire-resistant than wood churches and will not collapse during ablaze.

Built Green

Because they are made from recycled materials, steel churches are also built green construction materials as a sustainable building solution per square foot.

Steel church buildings aren’t just for churches. In fact, many other venues include a sports arena, a youth center, a fellowship hall, a medical facility, and even a high school have been constructed with steel framing building projects. It is a rapidly growing trend in construction because of its durability and financial benefits which include: reduced up-front costs, fast build times, less waste on building materials, and favorable financing options for churches.


Steel Church Buildings

Disadvantages of Metal Church Buildings

Despite all the advantages of steel church buildings, some disadvantages do exist on your building site. For example:


In the short term, a steel church might seem more expensive than a wood construction material one but it is cheaper in the long run. In fact, a new church will last for many years, even decades after it has been built using steel components in the new building.

Church Building Maintenance

A steel church building requires less maintenance than a wood one which is why they are becoming increasingly popular in southern climates where it is warm all year round. However, if your climate is particularly harsh with extreme hot or cold weather conditions then you may want to consider a wood church in you new building.

In the end, a steel building is well worth the initial investment and can be a great addition to your church community. You should always weigh up all of your options for your new church before making a final decision about which building material you choose for your spiritual home.

Steel Church Buildings

Metal Church Building Construction Costs

The upfront cost of a steel church building can be as little as half the price of a similar-sized concrete or wood church building with comparable finishing, thanks to reduced labor costs and less expensive materials needed for frame construction. This initial savings for the new church is no small matter, particularly for smaller communities and growing churches.

The construction cost is generally between $100 and $125 per square foot; however, we’ve seen figures as low as about $65 per sqare foot for a modest building (2,000 sq. ft) with no bells or whistles.

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A church with 100 members and the desired size of 11,000 sq. ft would cost approximately $500,000 (cost does not include a parking lot, landscaping, or utilities). This same church built with concrete masonry unit (CMU) block masonry would cost roughly $800,000; while the building made out of wood frame construction could surpass one million dollars.

The savings on a high-quality steel church building is generally more than 50% over the cost of traditional construction and allow for a better-finished product. For example, a steel building can have a brick veneer or stone base built right into the structure to look like an old brick church, while keeping labor costs down. In fact, a stone facade can be used as an exterior finish without greatly increasing the construction costs.

Steel Church Buildings

Steel Church Buildings Savings

More substantial savings could be achieved by getting your members’ help in the building of your Steel Church Buildings. By making use of a pre-engineered church steel structure that is erected in significantly less time than a masonry building or traditional wood frame will help your congregation save money.

Local Steel builders are able to build your Steel Church Building with the versatility to come with a sizable open sanctuary space for services that can function or quickly be transformed into educational settings, kitchen, and dining area, or possibly a leisure wing later on. Professional church steel building project designers will aid you in successfully designing the floor plan of your church. 

To enable individuals to be picked up or dropped off and at the same time provide an essential architectural accent, an affordable drive-through portico with pillars at the principal entry could be incorporated into the layout. You will likewise have the capacity to integrate room for an interior narthex or welcoming area, office spaces, classrooms, and shower rooms.

Customized metal church building exteriors like brick veneer, EIFS, stucco, or aesthetic block could be basically incorporated for an eye-catching exterior look. Your Steel Church Buildings is customized to suit each of the functions and events of the church you anticipate. To enable video systems, sound systems, lighting, basketball hoops, cooling or heating devices to be suspended atop the roof or from the ceiling, collateral and point loads could be incorporated in the steel frames’ design. 

Local steel building suppliers will aid you to choose a contractor to assemble your Steel Church Buildings and complete the interior or possibly provide only a building consultant in case you wish to utilize your congregation’s community effort.

A steel building team of seasoned specialists provides total assistance for your project. With the help of our contractor services unit, you will get a substantial amount of church fabrication support you require plus you will have the ability to gain access to a factory-certified church builders’ network.


Your local steel building will be with you at each phase of the construction, from identifying whether you require to work with an architect and preliminary floor plan design to the construction of your metal church building. To get your church project set up now fill out the form on this page and benefit from the following steel church building features:

  • Video equipment, basketball goals, lighting systems, cooling, and units could be hung from the roof.
  • Commercial metal buildings could be designed for LEED certification under a number of categories
  • Lifetime warranty on steel fasteners
  • 25 Year Warranty against rust perforation on Galvalume ® roof panels
  • Energy Star ® color coated panels provide exceptional temperature management in your building and come with a 40 Year warranty
  • Maintenance-free materials save your company money and time
  • Steel buildings provide as much as 50% cost savings over conventional building material

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