Metal Commercial Buildings

Metal Commercial Buildings – An Excellent Choice

Metal Commercial Buildings – Commercial buildings have exceptional durability and are significantly less complicated and easier to build than traditional building components. It is no wonder that as compared before, more company owners are now opting for prefab commercial steel buildings for the building of their distribution centers, strip malls, retail stores, mini-storage, office buildings, industrial building, and metal warehouses. 

Just like any other commercial buildings, steel commercial buildings may require some modification that will allow them to meet the design and function of your company.

Metal Commercial Buildings

Metal Commercial Buildings are a Great Investment

Using Metal Commercial Buildings for your project is a wise investment in your business’s future. The appearance can be customized by integrating EIFS, stucco, wood, big windows, or masonry for a storefront as you keep the design simple and reasonably priced.

The cost-efficiency of Metal Commercial Buildings makes them ideal for company owners who want to build their first building or those that are tight on cash yet need quality structures.

Exceptional Durability

Metal Commercial Buildings offer exceptional durability, making it the perfect material to construct your business’ first building. Metal roofing can last upwards of 50 years without requiring a re-coat. The life expectancy of metal commercial buildings is typically 20 to 30+ years as opposed to that of a wood or steel beam structure which may last 8 to 15 at best.

Metal Commercial Buildings

Fire Resistant

Metal Commercial Buildings offers the owner the ability to have a non-combustible building material, making these structures ideal for storage buildings. You can even get away with constructing your commercial building without any fire sprinklers which means you will save on the initial costs of construction, labor, and maintenance expenses for this facility.

Energy Saver

Energy consumption in traditional steel buildings is at an all-time high due to increased reliance on mechanical HVAC systems that consume a lot of energy. Utilizing metal commercial buildings will allow you to reduce your expenditure on utilities because the material is very easy to keep cool due to its ability to reflect light and heat energy.

Safer Place

Concerned about safety in steel buildings? You can never go wrong with Metal Commercial Buildings as fire spreads slower in steel structures when compared to traditional buildings. Firefighters can easily access the steel buildings since it has large openings for entry and exit.

Metal Commercial Buildings

Proper Maintenance is Key

When compared to other types of Metal Commercial Buildings, metal requires minimal maintenance and upkeep as there are no specialized chemicals or paints required. You only need to choose a paint color that will go well with your business’ image and then periodically paint the metal roofing to ensure that it continues to look as good as new.

Strength & Stability

Metal Commercial Buildings are unaffected by high winds, making them a better option for areas prone to high winds.  

Commercial metal buildings provide adequate insulation from harsh weather including rain, snow, wind, heat, and more. Metal buildings protect the contents from freezing in winter and from humidity during rainy weather. There are no annual costs for fertilization or yearly upkeep to treat wooden structures against termite infestations. You also need not worry about a new paint job every year as your steel structures will look great with only one new coat of paint every few years. Metal commercial buildings offer exceptional protection from fire and extreme weather conditions that can cause significant damage to wooden structures.

Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance

The low-maintenance feature of a commercial steel building also makes them a long-term investment as once constructed, they will require minimal upkeep for many years to come. There are no annual costs for fertilization or yearly upkeep to treat wooden structures against termite infestations. You also need not worry about a new paint job every year as your metal commercial building will look great with only one new coat of paint every few years.


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Flexibility and Versatility

You can choose the size and shape of your commercial metal building because they can easily be designed to match the look and feel of your business. A metal building comes in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes making it easy to design buildings that suit any location or theme you choose. 

You can also choose from chain link fencing as an added extra for your facility if required. Chain link fencing is a good choice because it is inexpensive and can be painted to match your building.

Metal Commercial Buildings

Commercial Steel Buildings – Performance

The ventilation system in a commercial metal building works exceptionally well as heat and humidity get easily released from the structure through louvers. Lighting systems for these buildings are exceptional, making them perfect industrial buildings or manufacturing facilities. You can also install a warehouse management system in your commercial steel structures which is highly useful for functions such as inventory management, order processing, and reporting.

In addition to being fireproof, they are easy to remove and reinstall when the need arises. In most cases, they can be relocated very quickly.  A commercial metal building offers higher resistance to termite attack compared to wooden structures and require no termite protection treatments.

Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility

A commercial metal building offers a cost-effective solution when you compare the price with that of other types of commercial buildings such as traditional or prefabricated construction. Metal commercial buildings are flexible in terms of floor plans, location

Metal Commercial Buildings

Office Buildings, Steel Building Warehouses, and Commercial Metal Buildings

Our steel building companies will be sure to get your project accomplished in a timely manner and within budget. As all the pieces of steel building systems are pre-engineered, it saves crucial time on building. This generates big savings from the construction labor as all the parts are pre-welded, pre-drilled, and pre-punched before the structure gets to your job site. 

Construction Budget

It is crucial to maximize your steel building budget whenever taking into consideration what sort of construction materials to utilize especially with tighter corporate construction budgets. The warehouse buildings and commercial steel storage are effectively cost-engineered without compromising quality or vitality and the money saved in the process is passed onto clients at a very affordable price.


Layouts and unrivaled assistance during the construction of your steel building enable a more efficient process from the start to the finish of your construction. Aside from saving approximately half of the conventional construction materials with the versatile design, you may likewise economically and quickly enlarge your metal building in the future.


A pre engineered steel building is a precision built with premium materials to see to it you will need minimal or no maintenance and prevent the pricey building repairs found in traditional wood or masonry construction. Steel commercial buildings are supported by the best metal building warranties in the market and are created with just the most recommended commercial-grade steel made in the USA.  


Depending on the supplier, each metal building will have a lifetime warranty on the fasteners, the silicon polyester color coatings have a 40-year warranty while the Galvalume ® roof panels come with a 25-year steel mill-backed rust perforation warranty.

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Metal Commercial Buildings

Commercial Steel Building Features

Take advantage of the following commercial steel building features:

  • Each metal building comes with galvanized purlins and girts to help protect against oxidation
  • A commercial building provides incredible flexibility and could be engineered for future inexpensive expansion as you can quickly add onto them.
  • Under a couple of steel buildings categories, you can customize your commercial metal buildings for LEED certification
  • Lifetime warranty on wall and roof sheeting fasteners
  • Roof panels from Galvalume are backed by a 2-year warranty against rust perforation.
  • Color coated panels traded under Energy Star ® come with a 40-year warranty and provide exceptional temperature management in your building
  • Maintenance-free materials save your business money and time
  • Metal Commercial Buildings provide as much as 50% cost savings over conventional building material

Metal Commercial Buildings

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