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Metal Buildings Versus Wooden Garages: Key Differences

Metal Buildings Versus Wooden Garages – When selecting a garage or outbuilding type of material material, there are numerous options available, such as steel or wood. Should you, for example, choose a rustic timber outbuilding or a steel structure that better suits your requirements? While wooden structures typically win in terms of aesthetics, steel structures may actually often be coated in faux wood. It means you can get the appearance of a wooden structure without the risk of rot.

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This article will provide useful information about the differences between metal and wooden structures.

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Metal Building defined

Metal buildings are often built of aluminum or steel and can be used for a variety of purposes, including the following:

  • Gymnasiums
  • Barns
  • Stables
  • Shops
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Aircraft hangars

Aside from those listed above, metal buildings are sometimes utilized for residential buildings, provided they’re well-insulated and completed with materials like drywall.

Your structure can be anything from a military hut with an antique appearance to a living barndominium or perhaps even a house that resembles a storage unit, thanks to the vast choice of frames available. Collaborate with industry specialists, and the options are nearly unlimited.


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Here are a few advantages of steel buildings:

  • Adaptable
  • Customizable
  • Strong and tenacious
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Withstands the elements

Wooden Outbuilding Defined

This type of structure is made entirely of wood, and you’ll most likely see it in all socio-economic regions. This is due to the fact that sheds have customarily been built out of wood, which is warm, inviting, and can hold all of your extra bits and pieces.

Wooden materials are frequently employed in the construction of homes, particularly in areas such as Canada and the United States, because it is ideal for a cottage style.

Here are the advantages:

  • Insulated by nature
  • It appears to be warm
  • Exteriors that are appealing
  • Interior finishes aren’t required

Major Distinctions

Now that you’ve learned what metal buildings and wooden outbuildings are, let’s look at what differentiates them from one another. Let’s see what we can learn.

Wood is recognized for being sturdy and solid because it was first used to construct residential buildings and other structures like shops and bars. Even now, it can be utilized for these functions. It is frequently a dependable material that will not descent even amid extreme weather, depending on the size and thickness of the wood.

Metal structures, in contrast, are long-lasting for a variety of reasons. They, for example, are less prone to rust or attract insects. Nevertheless, extreme weather can be a problem depending on the material’s thickness. Metal buildings frequently require additional bracing to be stable.

Both materials have advantages in terms of durability. However, metal buildings with reinforcements have the additional benefit of being rot-resistant.

Let’s talk about the price for your wooden and metal structures now.

  • Wood – As far as pricing is concerned, wooden buildings usually win over metal buildings because they are less expensive. When purchasing a wooden structure, however, extra costs must be considered. For example, you may need to keep your wood safe with finishes or pay for routine maintenance.
  • Metal – Although steel structures are costlier than their wooden equivalents, there are many important financial advantages to using steel. Steel constructions, for example, require less upkeep and are frequently prefabricated.

Prefabricated building structures have their components built off-site in a facility and then transported and constructed at your location. You may not even require experienced contractors to put your structure together, which can save you money. While wooden garages are initially less expensive than steel structures, they have significantly higher maintenance and construction costs. This indicates that metal buildings may be more cost-effective in the long run than wooden structures.

Another important aspect of finding the proper building for you is determining how much customization you require. You also need to take into account factors like how simple it is to personalize your building.

Wooden structures are simple to customize. Depending on your ability level, this type of building can either come pre-painted in your preferred colors, or you can paint them yourself. You are likewise free to lacquer your wooden structure to give it a classic, gleaming finish or stain it in various colors.

Metal structures have traditionally offered fewer options for customization. This has, however, altered in the past years. They can now be finished with a wide range of interior and exterior materials, including drywall, imitation materials, rock, stone, and wood.

This may entail customizing your metal structure to resemble wood minus the dangerous elements of wooden materials. While wooden garages are popular because of their rural, warm ambiance and ability to be customized, metal structures can now look very similar. They will, however, be less expensive in the long term and will be more robust and lasting than wooden structures.

One of the most important considerations for buyers is how much time and money would be required to keep your building in good repair.

Like other wooden products, Wooden garages necessitates extensive upkeep and maintenance, particularly in decay and pest infestations. Getting pieces of your wooden structure updated might be costly at times.

You may have to re-paint or treat your wooden structure regularly to keep it from getting too deteriorated.

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Metal structures don’t usually require much care, if any at all, in some circumstances. The main difficulties you’ll usually have with metal buildings are rust and corrosion, which are easy to cure and don’t take much time or effort.

Metal structures are generally preferred over wooden outbuildings since less time, money, and effort are required to maintain great conditions.

Which Is A Better Choice?

The best solution for you is determined by a variety of factors, including the following:

  • How long do you want your structure to last
  • If you’re willing to maintain your home regularly
  • If you wish to construct it yourself
  • If you want a realistic wooden appearance
  • Your financial situation

What Are The Prices Of Metal Buildings?

If you want a metal building garage, here’s how much it will set you back.

One Car Garage

12′ x 20′$9,500
14′ x 20′$10,305
14′ x 22′$11,610
16′ x 24′$12,788

Two Car Garage

20′ x 20′$12,465
20′ x 22′ $12,995
22′ x 22′$14,270
22′ x 24′$15,160
22′ x 26′ $15,805
24′ x 24′ $16,185
24′ x 26′ $17,460
24′ x 28′ $18,270
24′ x 30′$19,000

Three Car Garage

24′ x 32′$21,200
24′ x 36′ $23,400
24′ x 40′$25,510

What Are The Prices Of Wood Garages?

Traditional built wooden garages have the following costs.

Small Wooden Garages

24’ x 24′$4,650
24’ x 36′ $6,050
30’ x 36′$7,050
30’ x 48′$9,250
36’ x 48′$10,800

Medium Wooden Garages

36’ x 36′ $9,450
36’ x 48′ $11,550
40’ x 40′ $10,800
40’ x 48′ $12,050
40’ x 60′ $14,250
40’ x 72′ $16,550
40’ x 80′$20,100

Large Wooden Garages

40’ x 60′$16,900
40’ x 72′$19,600
40’ x 84′$25,100
60’ x 96′$37,200

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