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What Are the Most Common Metal Building Sizes?

Metal Building Sizes – The metal building is available in different sizes, which you can easily find with the help of the internet. Most people these days prefer to buy pre-engineered metal buildings at reasonable prices because it is very difficult for them to spend lots of money if they like to purchase a metal building with their own requirements. A huge number of Metal Building Sizes are available for people in the present market.

Most Common Metal Building Sizes

The most common Metal Building Sizes vary from 10ft to 100ft long and 20ft to 50ft wide.

For Residential purposes

  • a 10ft x 20ft pre-engineered metal building can be a very good choice for you because it is small in size and you can also use it as a storage house. It will be great if you want to make a small office or workshop at your home, then go ahead with this size.
  • The next common size of steel buildings is 12ft x 24ft which can help you cover more area for your work. It is large enough to make a very good home office or small warehouse at your home.
  • 12ft x 36ft steel buildings are the most common size used in residential purposes because it can easily accommodate bigger spaces for different activities. You can also use it for commercial purposes if you want to.

50 x 50 Metal Building

For Commercial purposes

  • 8ft x 20ft metal buildings are used as small businesses like veterinary clinics or garage workshops because you can make a smaller office on the first floor and use the ground floor for your work. It is really very helpful for people who have less working capital because it can easily accommodate all your requirements within one structure.
  • 12ft x 40ft metal buildings are widely popular in the market because they can be used for any commercial purpose. It is a very good option if you want to build a warehouse or small workshop at your home and need more space than an 8ft x 20ft steel building system.
  • 16ft x 48 ft pre-engineered metal buildings are suitable for small warehouses and workshops. It can easily accommodate more things than a 12ft x 40ft metal building and you can also make a floor on the first floor for your small office.
  • 20ft x 50ft metal buildings are considered the ideal size of commercial structures because it is very flexible to use. You will have bigger space if you build a workshop or warehouse on the ground floor and the first floor can be used for your office.

For Office Space

  • A 14ft x 52 ft is the most common size of metal building used for making offices at home and it is a perfect option if you want to accommodate more things than usual.
  • A 16ft x 48 ft pre-engineered steel building can also be a very good choice for making an office space because it can easily cover all your needs within one structure. You will have more room to make separate rooms for different purposes and it will be very helpful.

Industrial Metal Buildings

For Shipping and Storage Space

You can choose any Metal Building Sizes according to your needs if you want to purchase a storage building or a shipping container. But it is better to select common Metal Building Sizes for using the standard features on different sizes.

A 20ft x 40ft metal building will be a great choice for you if you want something that can meet all your requirements for storage or shipping.

And the last common Metal Building Sizes is 40ft x 60ft which can be used as a large storage unit or commercial structure with two floors. This is the biggest standard Metal Building Sizes available in the market so you won’t have to go for any special requests if you choose this one.

You can also purchase a new metal building from some online stores where you will have a large variety of sizes to choose from.

Also, it is better to go with smaller Metal Building Sizes of a metal building if you want to save more money for your future projects.

A metal building is the best option if you want to buy a structure that can meet all your needs.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Metal Building Dimensions

A metal building can be as big as you want as there are many standard Metal Building Sizes available in the market.

But if you want to purchase a bigger size for commercial purposes, then it is better to go with common standard sizes so that you can have the same feature on all your buildings from different manufacturers.

The most popular metal building dimensions are 20ft x 30ft, 20ft x 40ft, 20ft x 50ft, and 24ft x 60 ft.

You can also choose a standard size for your metal building if you want to make more space inside your commercial structure. The common steel building sizes are 8′ h (height) x 12′ w (width) , 8′ h x 20′ w, and 8′ h x 24′ w.


Advantages of A Steel Building

Steel buildings are one of the best options if you want to buy an affordable commercial building that has all standard features. There are some other benefits of using metal structures for your businesses or storage units at home.

Complete interior design freedom

You don’t have to go with common designs or features on different buildings if you choose a pre-engineered metal building. You can make any size and shape compartments in your building that will be perfect for keeping all kinds of items without making any changes.

Clear Span Framing

Steel buildings are made with clear span framing which makes them perfect for use in any commercial or industrial purposes. You can cover any large area of land without taking support from pillars, posts, or other structures at the corners of your building.

No maintenance required

Since a steel building is weather-resistant, you don’t have to worry about looking after them. You just have to keep them clean and do some basic repairs in case of any damages.

Quonset building

Compare Quonset Hut Prices and Save!

Quonset Hut Steel Buildings are suitable from residential to farming to commercial purposes. This type of building style is very popular for building a DIY workshop on your property. This style of building will have extreme versatility and you will enjoy the ease of assembly.

metal building

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Steel Frame Metal Buildings are an economical solution for both commercial, and smaller residential construction. There style has straight walls with a gable or sloped roofing system. They are an economical option they will save you money and last you a lifetime.