Kirby Metal Buildings

Kirby Metal Buildings: Check Out What They Has To Offer

Kirby Metal Buildings bills itself as a leader in manufacturing custom-engineered steel roofing and metal building systems. The company with its main production plant in Portland, TN has been in the market serving the following sectors for over six decades now:

  • Agricultural
  • Aviation
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Recreational
  • Warehousing
  • Other specialty steel building applications

Kirby Building Systems started selling and manufacturing its own line of steel buildings in 1955 as a general contracting firm at TX, Houston. The business became a great success that in 1964 the company has expanded nationally. In 1966, the company was bought by Kirby Industries, renaming it Kirby Building Systems, Inc.

By August 2007, the company was purchased by Nucor Corporation and was given the new name Kirby Building Systems, LLC. To date, the company provides for a network of builders around the globe. Kirby Metal Buildings are known to be among the top quality metal buildings worldwide – custom-fabricated, first-rate, and cost-effective.

Kirby Metal Buildings offer wide-ranging products that are custom designed to meet the specific needs of the end-users. The Sales team and Engineers of the company are working closely to design the exact Kirby Metal Buildings design required by the clients.

Located in Mississippi and Tennessee, Kirby Metal Buildings has a solid network of authorized builders throughout North America. Using the latest BIM 3D technology, it is able to provide three-dimensional and dynamic building modeling in real-time.

As such, the technology does not only boost productivity, it is also able to identify the issue before the construction of the building begins.

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What does Kirby Metal Building Systems Offer?


  • Primary framing – Kirby Building Systems custom builds your building system is able to meet the terms of the local building code requirements. From beam-column, roof gable to the lean-to, and single slope system — you will be provided with the primary framing that would suit best for both residential and commercial functions.
  • Light Gauge Steel – Kirby Building Systems offers light gauge steel that spans up to 40’. These steels are lightweight and easy to carry in the job location. It also delivers the aesthetic quality required by builders and end-users.
  • Roof Panel Systems – Kirby Building Systems offers an extensive range of roof panels that meet both the designer’s and users’ demands for a quality roof covering system. You will be guided which products would work best for your structural system as the company has top-quality roof panel items such as KLM 2100, KLS 2100, Roof-Lok Panel, Roof-Lok Plus.
  • Self-Storage – Kirby Building Systems delivers the best self-storage Kirby Metal Buildings wherein flexible wall materials, everlasting seam roof system, and perfect steel frame structure are all flawlessly combined for long-standing, hard-wearing, and cost-effective storage building.
  • Insulated Metal Panels – Kirby Building Systems provides insulated metal panels that are known for their durability and resistance to natural disasters. It can also be used as outside covering material for homes and commercial buildings.

Kirby Building Systems custom solutions are designed according to building code requirements. Its experienced team of professional engineers reviews each requirement prior to construction.

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Beam-Column System

A beam-column is an economical solution for wider buildings spanning 80 inches to over 400 inches with eave heights ranging from 12 inches to 60 inches as it provides multiple spans. It can either be straight, modular, or tapered.

Gable Roof System

This system comes with interior columns or clear span frames which make it an economical solution for wider buildings. It provides a roof with a ridge and two sloping sides. You may opt to add tapered columns to make it a cost-effective solution for various applications such as commercial, industrial, warehouse, and offices.

For display racks and palletized storage, a straight column could be an ideal choice. It can also be used for shopping centers and other commercial building applications. The roof slope can be as steep as 6:12 or as low as ¼:12 while the girts can be placed in either flush or bypass position.

Lean-to System

This system is a preferred option whenever additional space for offices or storage is required. If you want to make your building wider in a cost-efficient way, a lean-to system could be the perfect choice as it utilized a single slope system to either attach to a lower level of the building or extend its roofline.

Single Slope

This system is ideal for retail shopping centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. Its tapered columns are a cheap solution for wider metal buildings while the straights columns enable optimum use of the interior space. Similar to the Gable Roof System, the roof slope can be as steep as 6:12 or as low as ¼:12 while the girts can be placed in either inset or bypass position.


‘Z’ Section – Purlins and Grits

A purlin is a structural component supporting the roof covering while a girt is a horizontal component attached to the end wall or sidewall columns supporting the paneling. Both come in the following primer finish options” dark red, dark gray, and galvanized.

There are three ways by which horizontal girts are attached to the building’s outside columns. They are as follows:

  1. The Bypass Girt – this is the most common condition that has a continuous run around the exterior columns. It provides an air space that is as wide as the grit between the exterior panels and the columns.
  2. Insert Girt – this method minimizes the air space between the outside panels of the building and the columns.
  3. Flush Girt – It offers the maximum amount of floor space even without providing air space between the exterior panels and the columns.

Eave Strut

An eave strut is a structural component supporting the roof and wall paneling and transfers bracing loads to frames. It also comes in various primer options listed above. Depth options for all the three secondary framings are 8’, 9.5’, and 12’.


Why Choose Kirby Building Systems

There are four key reasons to choose Kirby Building Systems over other manufacturers:

  1. Kirby is a single-source provider – It partners with Vulcraft Kirby to provide customers with the most economical roof joint system for any steel building type.
  2. Kirby offers lower freight cost – Kirby has various manufacturing facilities located throughout America to ensure joists are delivered as fast and as affordable as possible.
  3. Kirby’s joist systems are made in America – Designing, detailing, and manufacturing were all done in American plants.
  4. Kirby’s joint systems have full bolt connections and thereby minimize the need for welding at the job site. The company also offers a fully-welded connection option but is less recommended than the bolted option.

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How to place your order at Kirby Metal Buildings?

Kirby has two locations – Tennessee and Mississippi. They can be reached at 615-325-4165 or at 662-323-8021, respectively. You can also drop them a message at their email address.

You may also log on to their website and fill out an online form to receive more information about their products, steel building components, and services. A company representative will be in touch shortly upon sending your message.

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