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Industrial Metal Buildings – Uses and Cost

Industrial metal buildings or commercial steel buildings are engineered with a strong dedication to safety and for endurance to stand up to the vigorous activities which occur in Industrial businesses. There is a higher level of strength and stability that industrial metal buildings provide for industrial places.

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They are more of a corrugated industrial steel building which offers two different options of a light gauge steel frame or a heavy-duty steel frame. The industrial metal buildings come in several styles to customize with your business needs such as;  lean-tos, gable roofs, continuous front, and back overhangs, parapet walls, bay doors, mezzanine, and stairs.

Corrugated Metal Buildings

Corrugated metal buildings are manufactured with heavier gauge steel than their counterparts to be more resistant to harsh weather conditions which is very common where industrial industries are located. The wider panels reduce potential damage from wind uplift forces. The bottom plates are thicker to provide more strength in bearing the weight of heavier equipment that is used in industrial places.

Industrial Metal Buildings

Industrial Metal Building Insulation

Industrial metal buildings offer a wide range of insulation capabilities from low-cost solutions to energy-efficient, high-performance super insulation. Manufactured with a continuous seam weld on all panels greatly eliminating any chance for thermal bridging. The high-performance insulation is up to R-18 and an R-value of 6 in the corrugated steel panel walls which are highly superior to any other metal building available in today’s market.

Custom Options

Industrial metal buildings come with a variety of options for doors and windows. They offer various configurations that can fit your business needs, such as; sliding windows, casement windows, and overhead doors. Custom options such as colored exteriors or custom insulation packages are available. Industrial metal buildings have the ability to install a gate on an end wall if desired for that added security.

Industrial Metal Buildings

Industrial Metal Building Suppliers

Metal building suppliers offer your business a steel industrial building that covers each of your requirements irrespective of your project’s intricacy.


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Manufacturers have a wide-ranging skills and experience in the construction of Industrial Metal Buildings such as steel crane buildings, controlled environment utility buildings, steel warehouse structures, welding shops, waste transfer stations, recycling centers, and mezzanines. 

Each structure satisfies all local codes for buildings and is engineer-certified for every state. Industrial buildings can be pre-engineered to incorporate a range of exclusive components such as insulated panels, firewalls, noise control devices, customized epoxy, and any kind of crane.

Industrial Metal Buildings Projects Include:

  • Fabrication and Welding Shop
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Sawmill Operation
  • Trucking Terminals
  • Waste Transfer Station
  • Recycling Center
  • Ethanol Refining Center
  • Steel Crane Buildings

Recycling Centers & Waste Transfer Stations

Steel industrial buildings could be made to support conveyors and catwalks, various bay openings, and even use special coatings on steel mainframes if handling corrosive components. With building heights of 50′ and above and clearspan widths up to 200′, steel is the ideal option for your transfer station or recycling center.

Steel Warehouse Buildings & Steel Crane Buildings

Suppliers are able to design and fabricate steel structures with 150 tons or more crane capacities and various crane systems which can likewise be customized to function concurrently without jeopardizing building stability. Regardless of whether it is a bridge, monorail, gantry crane, or jib, your structure will be made to integrate each crane system’s component. 

Suppliers are going to design your crane specs and customize a structure to hold the rails, crane, as well as the maximum weight of its load capacity. In case the specs call for, we can sole source supply each of crane rails, crane systems, and rail brackets.

Industrial Utility Buildings

In case they call for specific functions or needs like insulated panels, fire-rated walls, or noise and sound control, Suppliers may offer the ideal building, sourcing and incorporating every particular material. Metal’s industrial structures are perfect for electrical control rooms, guardhouses, generator buildings, pump stations, well covers, pump shelters, and utility buildings.

Industrial Metal Buildings

Exclusive Warranties and Customized Specs

Suppliers’ remarkable experience with the engineering and manufacturing of highly intricate projects will improve the system from beginning to completion. The building professionals and engineers are able to examine your specs, layouts, and architectural sketches and offer you the precise product which you need. 

Commercial steel building manufacturers can meet any sort of specs or exclusive warranties including those for water or air infiltration and weather-tightness, depending on your project needs. They are able to manage the purchase of specific components and use custom coatings to provide the functionalities and warranties that are necessary to finish your project.

Commercial Steel Buildings Advantages

  • Stainless steel roof, wall panel fasteners, and PBR roof panels with weather shield tight purlin have a lifetime warranty while Galvalume roof panels come with 25 years warranty.
  • Exclusive warranties utilizing weather tightness 5 years, 10 years, 20 years & No dollar limit are provided
  • Firewalls, insulated panels, custom panel coatings are offered for corrosive environments and noise control systems, large stacking doors, or bi-fold could be carefully integrated into the design of your industrial metal building.
  • Metal buildings could be fabricated to offer crane rails and support heavy crane applications. Metal can be your engineer and one source supply in charge of your building’s crane system.
  • For Industrial Metal Buildings with heavy chemical or dangerous material being kept or processed, we may utilize customized epoxy or galvanized coatings on the framing

How much does it cost to build an industrial steel building?

The price of commercial steel buildings varies depending on many factors, including building size and type, your location, etc. The main factor that impacts the cost is the total quantity needed.

Steel Structures are more affordable than other types of steel buildings because they can be built quickly. The top grades materials used in manufacturing will help to reduce the metal building cost.

  • A 60 x 1000 metal building costs $12 per sqft.
  • For example, $7700 for a 30 x 100 steel building.
  • A 50 x 100 metal building costs $11 per sqft.
  • For example, $5500 for a 50 x 100 steel building.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a metal building?

Buying a steel structure is cheaper than building one if you are buying it for the long term.


Industrial Metal Buildings

Types of Metal Industrial Buildings

There are many types of industrial metal buildings available in the market, but they can be classified into two broad categories:

  • Prefabricated Metal Industrial Buildings Relocatable/Modular Steel Buildings
  • Prefabricated Metal Industrial Buildings

Prefabricated metal buildings are already designed and manufactured at the factory. They can be shipped on trucks to their desired location, so installation is quick and easy. These steel structures are built with efficiency in manufacturing. A prefabricated steel industrial building mainly includes these products:

1) Pre-engineered systems

2) Prefabricated industrial building

Pre-engineered Systems

Pre-engineered systems are engineered in the shop and installed on site. So if you need any changes, they can be made according to your requirement. These systems are designed for specific areas of use considering all aspects like design loads, snow or wind load considerations, intended use.

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Prefabricated Buildings

Metal industrial buildings are prefabricated in steel plants. Commercial buildings are built with metal sheets, trusses, and roof purlins which will help to withstand extreme weather conditions. All the components of these buildings are designed to fit perfectly together so that you can get them installed easily without any hassle. These buildings are quick to assemble and they can be built in no time.

Relocatable/Modular Steel Buildings

The commercial building is assembled on-site with the prefabricated components which are made in steel manufacturing facilities. They can be dismantled too so you can relocate them at any desired location easily. If your business is growing or shrinking then it won’t be a problem for you to move them to any other location.

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