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HCI Steel Buildings – The Best Steel Buildings

HCI Steel Buildings is one of the top suppliers of steel structures in the United States and Canada. The company has become known for making high-quality metal buildings and for excellent customer service. It’s time to get a deeper look into what HCI has to offer and how it keeps its business local.

Where It All Started

The company first started out as T&E International, Inc. by Ted Wheeler who is the owner and  Managing Member. That happened 45 years ago but in the last 30 years, the company has been specializing in steel structures.

The year 2012 was very momentous for the company. That was when they opened a manufacturing plant and then changed the name of the company to  HCI Steel Buildings LLC. That was when they made the full switch to become the company that they are now today. They provide recreational vehicle covers, carports, RV roof, boat covers, and more.

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Their Services

HCI Steel Buildings can manufacture all kinds of metal buildings and have them delivered to any location in the United States. From carports to metal building components they can provide great service through out. They can also provide high-grade steel for their projects to ensure the quality of the structure that you will be building.

They can also provide the following services:

  • They can help in checking for the most efficient layout
  • Find the required specifications
  • Create a timeline for approvals, for the final design and the shipment
  • Provide preliminary reactions
  • Provide the stamped approval drawings and the required erection drawing

HCI has built a solid reputation among its clients for manufacturing high-quality steel structures, which is why it has become a leading name in the industry today.

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Why Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

There are several choices available when it comes to building material options. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose metal structures over other types of building materials:

Lower Maintenance Cost

When you are planning on having a building constructed, the maintenance cost of the structure, once it is set up, should always be considered. That should always be a factor when considering what type of material will be used for the building.

Because steel components are such a strong material, metal buildings do not really require a lot of maintenance work. It will not require new paint jobs as other types of structures. That means you can get a lot of savings when it comes to the maintenance of the structure.

Designed to Withstand Fire

While metal structures can be damaged by fire, especially when the material stored inside is particularly combustible, they can withstand so much more when compared with other types of materials. Wooden structures, for example, will burn down once the materials inside them catch fire.

It’s not just fire damage that steel buildings can withstand, they can also be strong enough to resist damage caused by strong winds, storms, and other natural calamities that can destroy other structures.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Steel structures are designed to get better insulation when compared to other types of buildings. They are normally designed so that the insulation can be easily attached. That means that these buildings will be better at keeping the heat or the cold air as needed.


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Better overall insulation of a building means a lower cost for heating or cooling. In the long run, you will be saving so much more if you opt for a metal building.

Fast Installation

Metal structures are designed and then prefabricated in a manufacturing plant. Once the parts have been made, they will then be shipped to the location where the building will be erected and then assembled.

That’s the basic process followed for all metal buildings whether it’s a small one or a really large building. For a simple carport, the owner can assemble and install the structure within a day with help from a single person.

Larger structures like plane hangars or commercial buildings will require more time and manpower but when compared with other building materials that will cover the same area, steel structures will be the fastest to erect and install.

Steel buildings are faster to erect because all the parts have already been cut to the right sizes. It’s just a matter of assembling them. For larger structures, the builders would need to have more skills and experience as the assembly can be complicated but still, the process is faster.


Steel structures are also very versatile when it comes to their uses. Because they can be built to cover very large spaces, they can be used for all kinds of purposes. From simple garages to complicated commercial buildings, steel structures are the go-to choice.

One of the main qualities of steel buildings that makes them very useful is the fact that they can be erected with few supporting columns even in large areas to be covered. This means a large open space can be had in the center of the structure. That makes it useful as a hangar or maybe an exhibition structure. Steel buildings are really very versatile.


Then there is the fact that metal structures are very cost-effective when compared to other materials. Large areas can be covered by a steel structure at a lower cost than say concrete. They also have the potential to last longer, which can bring the overall cost even further down.

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Products Offered By HCI Steel Buildings

With the experience that HCI has in the construction industry, it has learned to specialize in certain products. Here are some of those:

  • Custom Metal Storage Units
  • Pre-engineered steel buildings
  • Shipping container covers
  • Metal roofing
  • Steel components
  • Recreational vehicle covers
  • Boat covers
  • Lean to’s shipping container covers

High Quality

HCI Steel only uses the highest quality steel components in manufacturing the different metal structures that they offer. When they deliver a structure in the location, they guarantee that it’s in the right condition for installation and erection.

HCI Steel Buildings LLC has become one of the most trusted names in the steel building industry because it used its experience and knowledge of the construction industry to deliver the right service and products. That’s not going to change anytime soon as the company is growing stronger than ever.

They have a highly knowledgeable team that knows the inside out of metal buildings. A dedicated salesperson will guide you through the entire process of your metal building project from start to finish. They offer a wide variety of products and services at unbeatable prices.

HCI Steel Buildings is your one-stop steel shop manufacturer. It is actively involved in the metal building industry by offering tips, advice, and insights on how to go about choosing just the right product for your needs. They are committed to providing high-quality products to give their customers peace of mind.

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Contact HCI Steel Buildings

There are many reasons why pre engineered steel buildings are gaining popularity for fence panel building projects. They can be manufactured to any specifications, they are incredibly durable, and you can reuse them for all kinds of purposes. It’s no wonder why more and more people are making the decision to go for metal buildings.

If you are looking to build a fence panel building or if you need fencing supplies, HCI Steel Buildings LLC can help. With fast delivery and competitive prices, you will have no trouble finding the perfect product for your needs at HCI.

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Quonset Hut Steel Buildings are suitable from residential to farming to commercial purposes. This type of building style is very popular for building a DIY workshop on your property. This style of building will have extreme versatility and you will enjoy the ease of assembly.

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Steel Frame Metal Buildings are an economical solution for both commercial, and smaller residential construction. There style has straight walls with a gable or sloped roofing system. They are an economical option they will save you money and last you a lifetime.