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Five Star Metal Buildings – They Build Great Buildings

Five Star Metal Buildings is one of the country’s leading providers of carports and metal structures. They have years of experience in crafting high-quality metal buildings that have satisfied their customers all over the United States. It is known for offering a reliable metal building that suits your needs.

Their metal buildings are known for being durable, efficient, of great value, and beautiful. They have a wide variety of products to offer to their clients including steel garages, free-standing carports, commercial metal buildings, agricultural metal buildings and so much more.

They are also dedicated to recycling old steel back into the production cycle making them green-friendly.

The company has been in business for almost a decade and is one of the fastest-growing metal building companies today. Its sales staff will make sure to meet your expectations with their high-quality products and great customer service.

Five Star Metal Buildings offers free shipment to customers at whatever location in the United States and delivery within 30 days. Their turnaround time is one of the fastest compared to others.

Five Starr builders offer a wide range of products that include steel garages, free-standing carports, commercial metal buildings, agricultural metal buildings, and many more.

Their prestigious reputation has made them one of the most trusted companies in this industry today. They are proud to give their customers no hassle quotes over the phone or in person.

Benefits of Metal Buildings

First of all metal buildings offer benefits over other types of structures. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. Better Resistance to Damage -Metal structures offer better resistance to damage caused by earthquakes, snows, flooding, strong winds, and other harsh weather elements that would typically destroy other types of structures. The strength of steel buildings is one of the main reasons why these structures are very popular.
  2. Reduced Insurance Rates – Because metal buildings are a lot more resistant to damage, you will also get reduced insurance rates for them. Many insurance companies will offer great discounts on metal structures.
  3. Better Insulation – Metal buildings also offer great opportunities for insulation. These metal structures can accommodate high-quality insulation. Also, better insulation means you can save money on energy expenses. The deep wall cavities in some metal structures will allow for thicker and better insulation to be installed. In the long run, the metal structures can pay for themselves with the money you save on energy spending.
  4. Less Maintenance – With metal buildings, there will be less need for maintenance. This is true especially with the exterior of metal buildings which would not require repainting as often as structures that are made from other materials like wood. There will also be no issues with termite infestation which can cause a great deal of damage in wooden structures. Preventing termite infestation requires a great deal of maintenance work.
  5. Fewer Foundation Problems – Another major benefit of using metal structures is that there will be less chance that the building will have foundation problems later on. Since metal buildings use fewer pieces than wood, the foundation is carrying less weight overall.
  6. Easier Remodeling – Would like to remodel a metal structure from Five Star Metal Buildings? That shouldn’t be a problem at all. It’s just a matter of ordering frames that would match the older structure. Metal buildings are specifically designed to make remodeling a lot easier. Try doing that with other types of buildings and it will not be too easy. You would require more extensive preparations and it will be more costly since the remodeling would require significant changes to the existing structure.
  7. Steel Buildings Retain Their Value – Another important thing to keep in mind regarding steel structures from Five Star Metal Buildings is that they can retain their value far longer when compared to other types of buildings. Steel buildings will stay the same for decades while requiring very little maintenance. If you have to sell them at some point in the future, their value does not go down at all.
  8. The Steel Can Be Sold – If at the end of the life cycle of the building, you decide that you want something else, then you can opt to sell the metal that Five Star Metal Buildings have used in constructing the structure. Because the steel are top of the line, that they use in their projects, the steel from your building will fetch a good price. Keep in mind that this is at the end of the life cycle of the building when you have used the building for a long time.

Five Star Metal Building

Why Choose Five Star Metal Buildings?

A lot of people might ask why they should choose Five Star metal buildings. Here are some of the many reasons why you should opt for them:

Better Quality Construction – When it comes to building structures, Five Star Metal Buildings does not cut corners. They do not use sub-standard material or construction methods just to save on costs. They only use the best materials and construction methods that allow them to create structures of high quality. They offer the perfect solution to protect your equipment, vehicle, or any investment you may have.

Superior Customer Service – There are companies that claim to offer superior customer service but fail to deliver. On the other hand, Five Star Metal Buildings offers a lot of value because they only want the best for their customers. In addition, their customer service is available 24 hours a day. They are constantly striving to create the best customer service and maintain excellent turnaround times.

Customized to the customer’s needs – When customers are looking for metal buildings, most companies will offer their customers pre-made designs that may or may not be ideal. What happens is that since their construction is of high quality, they also require a significant amount of building time which can be costly for the customer.

Five Star Metal Buildings strives to offer more value by allowing their customers to customize the metal building they need. This way, it will fit into their budget perfectly since they can go with smaller structures that don’t require as much time.

Better Capacity for Additions – Most companies would not be able to provide additional buildings for customers that are using pre-made structures. These buildings will only be used once in the entire time so it would not make sense to build additional structures in order to sell them to other customers in the future. Five Star Metal Buildings offers the option of selling the same building over and over again since they have improved their construction methods by customizing them to the customer’s needs.

Better Options for Metal Buildings – The reason why most metal building companies will offer pre-made structures is that they lack options. Five Star Metal Buildings manages to offer many different types of buildings because they are not limited by their construction methods or quality. They can easily make changes to any structure they make since they use the best materials and construction methods available.

Competitive prices – The reason why there are such high prices for metal buildings is that most companies only focus on the outer appearance of their projects. They do not care about the quality or whether it can be customized to fit into people’s budgets perfectly every single time.

Five Star Metal Buildings manages to make their buildings at an affordable price because they focus on using the best materials and construction methods even when it comes to pre-made structures.

metal building roof

What Does It Cost to Buy a Metal Building from Five Star Metal Buildings?

When it comes to the prices for metal buildings, most companies will offer them at higher costs. However, people that opt to buy from Five Star Metal Buildings will be able to get lower rates since they focus on only providing the best quality. A lot of their customers end up returning to buy more of their products since they are so happy with the quality and prices.

Five Star Metal Buildings does not cut corners. They do not use sub-standard material or construction methods just to save on costs. When you buy metal buildings from them, they will be available when needed for future repairs or modifications.

The reason why they offer lower affordable price is that they do not use pre-made structures. Their metal buildings are designed to be customized for each customer’s unique needs. What happens is that since their construction is of high quality, they also require a significant amount of building time which can be costly for the customer. Five Star Metal Buildings strives to offer more value by allowing their customers to customize the metal building they need. This way, it will fit into their affordable price budget perfectly since they can go with smaller structures that don’t require as much time.

Five Star Products

What are the products that are offered by Five Star Metal Buildings? Here are just a few:


Steel carports are simple structures that can offer protection from vehicles without enclosing the space. The carports made by Five Starr Builders can accommodate up to three cars and are very simple to erect. They also require very little maintenance.

Made from high-quality steel, these metal carports will last for a very long time. These carports are very popular and they have made Five Star a trusted maker.


Garages offer more complete protection for your vehicles. They enclose the vehicles more effectively. These garages have the same roof options as their carport options, they are also easy to erect and require very little to no maintenance on your part.

These garage structures are easily customizable too. You can add doors and windows to the structure to give it more of a house look. You can think up of additional ways that you can enhance the look of your metal garage.

RV Covers

Do you have an RV? Where do you keep it when you’re not using it? It’s best if you have an RV cover to keep it away from the elements. The RV covers are made to be taller and wider than carports and garage but it still offers the same level of protection.

Horse Barns & Farm Equipment

Horse barns are also better if they are made from high-quality steel than the traditional materials. They offer better protection to the animals since they can be insulated more effectively. These horse barns can also be customized more easily.  You can create an enclosed space suited for your farm, customize stalls for animals or simply a space to store away your farm equipment.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings made by Five Star Metal Buildings are made from high-quality steel and are designed for fast and easy customization. They are perfect for businesses that need a building fast. They can also be used to protect vehicles and other equipment.

These commercial buildings are built using webbed legs and a trust system that can tackle on a significant amount of load. These require skill and professional help when erecting. The structures are installed in concrete but compared to traditional buildings, they can be built more quickly.

Storage Space Buildings

Storage space is what most people need. Whether that’s commercial or residential, storage space is always valuable. You can use your enclosed buildings to store equipment or other things you want to save for later use.

Man Caves/Metal Garage

Who wouldn’t want a man cave? If you have the budget, Five Star can help you construct your own unique metal building. Their long list of customization options makes it easy to design your very own man cave that is tailored completely for you!

These are the buildings that you can get from Five Star Metal Buildings. All of these are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last. Their structures are also highly customizable so you can make them fit your needs. It’s not surprising that Five Star has become a trusted name when it comes to metal buildings today. You can find their satisfied clients all over the country.

metal building assembly

How To Buy Their Affordable Price Buildings

Buying from Five Star can be done through two methods. The first is to contact the company directly. You can call their customer service line or send them an email. They have a web application that you can fill out when you are looking for a metal building that is suited for your needs.  They also have online brochures that show customers what they can do with their buildings and the prices of each.

The second way to purchase their buildings is by contacting a dealer. These dealers are experts when it comes to metal building and offer services like design, installation and even on-going maintenance on your building. Some of these dealers also include financing options that can help first time customers with their purchases.  All you need to do is look for a dealer near you to help you purchase your Five Star Metal Building!

Five Star has been trusted by many since they started. All of their clients have been satisfied with the services that have been offered and continue to be a client of the company even after several years. They have the best customer service dept. If you are looking for high-quality metal buildings at a reasonable price, Five Star is the company to go to!

Five Star Metal Buildings offers a wide range of structures to suit the needs of businesses, homeowners, and others. Examples include carports, garages, lean-tos, barns, workshops/industrial structures, storage buildings, home gyms, pools sheds etc.

Five Star Metal Buildings can also accommodate a number of customization options to suit their client’s preferences. Some examples are color options, shelving, windows, additional doors, shelving options etc.


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