Dean Steel Buildings

Dean Steel Buildings Are A #1 Excellent Choice

Dean Steel Buildings Inc., is a manufacturer of metal buildings. With plants and offices in Cedartown, Georgia and Fort Myers, Florida, the company is able to serve the Southeastern part of the United States. This business also export their products to the Caribbean, Central, and South America.

Dean Steel Buildings Inc,. started fabricating its own prefabricated metal buildings way back in 1972. That means they have been in the business for almost 50 years. There can be no replacement for that.

The panels made by Dean Steel are all tested to UL 580, ASTM E 1592, and PA 125 standards, ensuring durability and quality. The buildings made by Dean Steel Buildings have come to be accepted as the standard for metal structures.

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Why Buy Components from Dean Steel Buildings

Are you still undecided as to where you should source your components for your metal building? Here are several reasons why you should trust Dean Steel:

  1. Dean Steel Buildings can supply you with the complete building system that you need. You don’t need a different contractor to build you different components. That can save you a great deal of money in the long run. Dean Steel might be able to ship your order with a building order and that can save you, even more, when it comes to freight.
  2. Dean Steel Buildings bases its panels on network coverage. Others use net width or even flat width. Why is that significant? That means that the total panel squares to be required will be around 6% or even up to 15% less than those required by other steel building manufacturers.
  3. There is no extra charge for punching zees on their products.
  4. Dean Steel paint their zees and cees using red oxide primer meeting federal specifications. Using that type of paint will protect edges and holes where rust may start and affect the integrity of the building.

These are just some of the reasons why you should buy components from a Dean Metal Building.

Metal Buildings Systems

Because of the decades-long experience that DEAN has when it comes to manufacturing steel buildings, they already have several types of building systems to offer their clients. Those include:

  • Single Slope
  • Space Maker
  • Low Roofline
  • LowRise Modular 1
  • LowRise Modular 2
  • Rising Frame
  • Wing Unit

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What’s included with each Dean Steel Buildings system? It’s worth taking a closer look.

Single Slope

A Single Slope structure utilizes a unique 1/2:12 roof pitch. That kind of roof pitch gives it that distinctive appearance that is ideal for use for office buildings or maybe a shopping complex. These systems range from 20′ to 60′ which will not use any interior columns. For those that use one interior column, the size can range from 60′ to 100′.

Because Dean Steel Buildings are customizable, you can make requests on how your own buildings will be made.

Space Maker

The main distinguishing feature of the Space Maker system is that it has insert girts in its sidewalls. The design allows for the maximum utilization of space. It is perfect if you want to make the most out of the limited space that you have to work with.

The interior rigid frame of the Space Maker has a constant depth column. The rafter will be equipped with a flange at the bottom. That flange can be parallel to the floor or it can be sloped.

Low Roofline

The Low Roofline is another Dean Steel Buildings design option that you can get from DEAN. These types of structures offer unobstructed floor space. That makes it ideal for use in certain businesses. Sidewalls and columns are tapered to take advantage of the strength of steel.

Low Rise Modular 1

If you’re in need of a larger interior space then you can use the Low Rise Modular 1. Large manufacturing buildings benefit from this type of structure. It can make the most out of your limited space and budget.

Low Rise Modular 2

This is very similar to the Low Rise Modular 1 and the main difference is that the Low Rise Modular 2 is that it uses two columns inside. The two columns are placed off-center freeing the center to be used. It also has a sloping roof. It is also ideal for commercial buildings.

Rising Frame

The Rising Frame metal building uses a 4:12 roof slope. It also has a clear span which gives it a high vertical clearance. These structures can be used in gymnasiums, tennis courts, or even hangars.

Wing Unit

Wing units are ideal for expanding Dean Steel Buildings whenever there is a need for it. Wing Units are span frame expansions that can provide the additional space that is needed by the building.

These are the examples of the company structures that you can get from Dean Steel Buildings Inc.

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The panels that are available from DEAN are made from the highest quality materials. Their panels are available in different paint finishes and color selections. They have what’s known as Dean Standard Color System.

This system is based on a high content silicone modified polyester. These pre-coated panels are made under the strict quality assurance program of the company.

Then there is the Dean Steel Extended-Life Color System which ensures that the paint of the panels will last a lot longer than usual. The panels painted with this system are resistant to chalking and fading.

DEAN Steel also offers panels with special coats. These special coats are used for unique buildings. Their premium MVP coating offering has a 25-year limited warranty.

These are the things that you should know about the company Dean Steel Buildings. This business is one of the leading suppliers of metal buildings in the Southeastern section of the United States.

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