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Ceco Metal Buildings: Quality Construction at Low Cost

Ceco Metal Buildings – There are many options out there when it comes to quality commercial, government, church, and other non-residential buildings. Deciding on a particular contractor can be hard enough much less the design. While this can intimidating, no one should make a decision without seeing the high-quality pre-engineered and pre-fabricated buildings. Ceco Metal Buildings specializes in these buildings and has an outstanding portfolio that shows metal buildings don’t mean shoddy or shed-like.

Ceco has served several commercial and industrial clients. They have designed amazing churches, offices, community buildings, restaurant & retail buildings, and more. Of course, they make sturdy long-lasting farm buildings, as well. You might be amazed at the versatility of aesthetics, designs, and functionality that these buildings offer.

Who Is Ceco Metal Building Systems?

Starting out all the way back in 1947, the Ceco Building Systems started with 11 employees and an understanding that there was plenty of room for quality, easy to construct buildings. As well as a demand. They went full out on metal buildings and became a recognized leader in the 1960s. The company grew, continued to improve and expand their metal buildings, and help create uniform pricing for both the building package as well as the professional erection of these metal buildings.

Ceco Building Systems has come a long way since it was founded in 1947 by C. L. Mitchell. From a small team of 11 employees, the business has grown to be a top leader in the metal building industry. From simple buildings to sturdy and architecturally sound ones, the industry has changed thanks to Ceco’s pre-engineered metal buildings.

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What Buildings Do Ceco Building Systems Specialize In?

You’ll find that Ceco’s metal building systems are designed for a wide variety of different building types. The focus is on using single-skin or insulated metal panels that allow for a simple and inexpensive design that still looks very good on the outside while providing tight structural support on the inside.

Here’s what they offer:

  • Steel frame systems: these are a great alternative to conventional systems as it allows for more flexibility in design. Ceco metal buildings are guaranteed to be durable and sturdy thanks to their high-performance alternatives. These systems are also ideal for architects who want to be more creative with their designs.
  • Panel systems: they offer both roof and wall paneling systems that are both functional as well as aesthetic. These systems offer maximum energy efficiency and are capable of weathering even tough conditions.

Take a look at their primary frame systems, secondary frame systems, and building bracing. Their variety of options are ideal either for renovation projects or entirely new construction projects. Each frame is also customized to fit your needs and to meet the highest standards in building codes.

With their frame systems and panel systems, you can be sure you’re getting the best value for money as no other company offers such high-quality products that can stand all weather conditions.


Need a gym for the basketball team or an inside practice field for the football team? They can provide the building solution for that. Need a reliable new barn? There are all kinds of designs and sizes available that will get the job done and last the test of time.

Storage buildings? Office buildings? Are restaurants going for a chic modern look? This just scratches the surface of the many different styles of buildings that Ceco Metal Buildings has to offer.

You can contact Ceco Metal Building Systems for:

  • Primary frame systems
  • Secondary frame systems
  • Building bracing
  • Long Bay system
  • Metal wall panels
  • Metal roof panels
  • Insulated metal wall pieces
  • Pre-fabricated designs for a variety of industry needs

What are you waiting for? These are inexpensive, well-built, and good-looking metal buildings that give you a premium value at a price that won’t bust your budget. Ceco helps clients reduce operating costs.

Contact them today to discuss your needs, look at the many outstanding options available, and match you up with an affordable solution that will leave you incredibly happy with the building, the price, and the overall deal.


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Contact Ceco Metal

Whether you’re planning an ambitious new construction project or looking to improve the conditions of your current building project, make it one of many high-quality Ceco metal buildings. No other company provides the best quality and aesthetic value at budget-friendly prices.

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