Ameribuilt steel structures

Why Choose AmeriBuilt Steel Structures

AmeriBuilt Steel Structures – Are you looking at buying a metal building kit or a steel home? Look no further as AmeriBuilt could be your best choice supplier.

AmeriBuilt, a company that has been in the market since 2011, offers today’s most innovative products in the industry. Not to mention, the company also obtained a license to distribute Outback Steel Buildings. The company also offers its own manufactured and custom-designed steel homes. It designs any type of building, big or small, and are sold worldwide.

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The company’s areas of expertise are the following:

  • Barns and Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Churches and Community centers
  • Garages
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Steel homes
  • Self-storage facilities

AmeriBuilt has maintained a good track record of performance and takes pride in not having a single complaint listed in BBB. It has also been featured in the Houzz, where users gave AmeriBuilt a five-star rating for its service.

What sets AmeriBuilt apart from others?

Florida has dozens of steel home companies, but here’s a couple of reasons why AmeriBuilt deserves to earn your business.

First, AmeriBuilt is committed to helping you with your building project every step of the way – starting from the design to price quotation. As such, you’d get a better grasp on how much funds you would need to get your home done.

Secondly, with AmeriBuilt Steel, you have the option to either build your home on your own or enlist a contractor. The company will even recommend to you local contractors. That alone will save you time and effort in finding a reliable one.

There is also something special about their metal building kits. AmeriBuilt Steel ensures that you will not need a welder to construct their kits as every hole is already pre-drilled.

Fourth, AmeriBuilt Steel also has various financing programs to assist clients in buying a new steel building.

Finally, what makes AmeriBuilt unique is that the company uses its very own ‘Outback Calc’. It is specially designed by the company itself that makes price quotation a lot easier.

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What makes Outback Calc different?

Getting a quote for your custom steel home can be a real time-consuming and money-wasting process as you would often spend weeks discussing all of your options with a designer. It is definitely not good for time-sensitive projects.

Outback Calc is an innovative solution that is accurate and fast. What AmeriBuilt Steel only has to do is to plug in a custom design and obtain an accurate quote in a few minutes.

How long does it take for construction to finish?

Under normal circumstances, it takes four to five weeks to get all the job done. However, the actual time needed to get the structure erected will vary from one kit to another.

Here’s a sample timeline for everything to come together.

  • 10-12 days for the engineering package to be delivered
  • 2-3 weeks to obtain permits
  • 2-3 weeks to complete the construction of the building

Waiting for the permits to get approved is the biggest hurdle in the completion of the project. Obtaining permits may take longer than three weeks in smaller towns.

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What are the available options when working with AmeriBuilt?

AmeriBuilt provides you all the necessary details you need before erecting your own structure as you please – a pricing scheme for the materials, a stamped engineering plan and a manual assembly plan.

AmeriBuilt gives you full control over your building project and lets you customize it as precisely as you wish. You will have the liberty to choose for the following:

  1. Window and door sizes
  2. Roof overhangs and roofing color
  3. Roof cupolas
  4. Trim
  5. Sliding
  6. Gutters and downspouts
  7. Type of insulation
  8. Solar barriers

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How to start working with AmeriBuilt Steel

Every AmeriBuilt building is customized according to your needs. Hence, you need not look at their company’s website for metal building kits. You will most likely not find them on it, anyway. When it comes to design, Ameribuilt has over 25,000 options available. 

Once you call the company, a representative from the team will be in touch with you shortly to work with you regarding the proposed building. It will then provide you with the initial project needs such as creating a floor plan to deciding on interior and exterior features. You will have the liberty to choose the features, hence, make the most of your time to figure them out before booking your final purchase. You will be given a free quote anyway so you can get them all together as you start working with AmeriBuilt Steel.

Included in the planning is the structure’s slab foundation. You may also request the interior space to be divided as you wish.

Since everything is virtually customized, every metal building structure is unique from the other. You can even choose the exact sizes of the rooms or spaces.

More importantly, all the buildings are resilient to hurricanes and wind up to 160mph. They are also engineered to handle heavy snow.

After all, is set and you’ve approved of the plan, the quote is sent to the engineer for analysis and stamping for your state. Obtaining the building permits follows as AmeriBuilt works on the fabrication. The concrete work can be either completed by you or you may enlist a local contractor. AmeriBuilt Steel will supply complete plans and a detailed assembly manual and ensure that they can be assembled with bolts and screws so you would not need any welder. 

The whole process can be summed up into the following six steps:

  1. Work with AmeriBuilt’s representative regarding the building’s design according to your preference.
  2. The proposed building is sent to the company’s engineer for approval.
  3. The client applies for a building permit from the local government.
  4. Final arrangements are made for the erection of the building.
  5. The engineer returns the stamped plan as AmeriBuilt’s orders the building
  6. The building is delivered to the erection site.

If you need gable end, American barns and gambrel building structures, AmeriBuilt Steel Structures has it all for you, too. You may contact them through a toll-free call, request information via online, or personally visit them at their office in Florida.

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