Agricultural Steel Buildings

Agricultural Steel Buildings – Excellent Advantages and Cost

Agricultural Steel Buildings for sale are some of the most highly customizable buildings in the industry. They can be built in almost any configuration and with a wide variety of materials and accessories. Agricultural steel buildings for sale have a very long lifespan and can last more than 50 years with little to no maintenance. These structures are viewed as the most environmentally friendly and most sustainable building types available today. 

Their longevity makes steel structures more popular than traditional buildings in agricultural applications such as hay storage, greenhouse, and equipment shelters.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

What to Consider When Buying Metal Building

When you’re choosing an agricultural steel building for sale, start by asking yourself some simple questions:

  • What does your operation consist of?
  • How many people do you employ?
  • Are you looking to expand in the future?
  • What products do you produce?
  • Is your operation seasonal or year-round?

Purchasing an Agricultural Steel Building for sale that is ‘too big’ will mean you’re wasting valuable space, and not utilizing the building to its full potential. We’re here to help though, so don’t be afraid to ask us for assistance.

Once you’ve answered some of these questions, you should have a better idea of the size and scope of the agricultural buildings that are right for your operations.

What to expect from metal building manufacturers

Metal building manufacturers are aware of your requirements for steel farm storage buildings. Suppliers design and build a comprehensive range of farming steel buildings such as agricultural storage facilities, barn buildings, farm equipment sheds, machine storage sheds, workshops, hay storage, livestock shelter, grain storage, and dairy structures.

They may offer bi-fold or overhead doors, extra-large sliding, for extra-large tools like tractors and integrate with sizable cotton pickers or large planters. Suppliers are dedicated to offering a weather-tight structure that may be used all year for any use in agriculture. Furthermore, the easiness of building enables many ranchers and farmers to save money using their on-hand aid to set up our prefab farm building on their own.

Agricultural Steel BuildingsAgricultural Steel Buildings

Agricultural steel buildings suppliers provide several advantages for farming more than offering wood frame pole structures for crops, tools, steel farm buildings, and grain safekeeping. These agricultural steel buildings are strong I-beam construction. The steel buildings do not permit pests or rats in as they are precision built and secured tight. 

You do not need to stress over wood screws wiggling out and resulting in leaks such as in a pole farm building. Metal pre-engineered AG Buildings do not have wood components that may deform, fall off or decay.

Modern Metal Frame Style

Agricultural Steel Buildings modern metal frame style gets rid of space for birds to sit on above your equipment as it gets no knee supports or horizontal chords. Non-combustible components, meanwhile, aid to minimize the hazard of fire consuming your all-metal storage pole barn kits. 

Weather, rats, and pests remain external far from your grain and yield, thanks to metal and foam closures that seal your structure tight.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Metal Farming Advantages

Below are the advantages of agricultural steel buildings:


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  • They are strong I-beam construction.
  • Weather, rats, and pests remain external far from your grain and yield.
  • Non-combustible components, meanwhile, aid to minimize the hazard of fire.
  • They are precision built and secured tight.
  • You do not need to stress over wood screws wiggling out and resulting in leaks such as in a pole farm building.
  • Metal pre-engineered Agricultural Steel Buildings do not have wood components that may deform, fall off, or decay.
  • Modern metal frame style gets rid of the space for birds to sit on above your equipment as it gets no knee supports or horizontal chords.
  • Metal and foam closures that seal your structure tight.
  • Your grain and hay will remain dry in your metal farm steel building kit.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Cost-Effective and Easy to Assemble

Steel building construction is an extremely durable building. Unlike pole barns, you don’t want wood rotting from poles exposed to soil moisture or dirt in bare soil.

Compared to conventional steel agricultural building, a steel building is easier to build, enabling you to create a farm building using steel without welding, special knowledge or specialized farm buildings equipment. These things have also helped them increase efficiency. Not just on purchases, but over decades too.

Hiring Building Specialists

Farmers, ranchers, and agriculturalists cost the metal buildings as they save time and money on construction. Attempting to set up these prefab steel farm buildings by yourself is a bad idea. You should therefore hire professional contractors who have the tools required for this construction process.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Construction Process of Prefab Steel Buildings

Hiring prefabricated steel farm buildings contractors to assist you with the construction process is a great idea. Prefab steel buildings are known for their strength and durability. They can be easily modified and customized depending on your preferences.

The first step of prefab steel farm buildings construction is marking the foundation. You should ensure that it is perfectly square or rectangular, which helps to level the mainframe of the structure. You can then set up the mainframe that has all four corners with the equal distance apart.

The next step involves placing the rafters on top of this frame, after which you can install purlins and girts to strengthen your construction. Finally, you should fit exterior sheets on the agricultural building to give it a completed look.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Pre-Engineered Steel Farm Buildings vs. Pole Barns

An agricultural building tends to become a major headache to farmers and ranchers due to moisture damage, deformation of wood, rotting poles, or sagging roofs. Most agricultural buildings are mostly made up of untreated pine timber that quickly catches fire when exposed to high temperatures. Pre-engineered steel buildings, on the other hand, can be very beneficial for agriculturalists and farmers.

Farmers looking into cost-effective and long-lasting options should consider investing in prefabricated metal buildings such as metal farm buildings.

Advantages of Prefab Metal Buildings vs. Pole Barns

These particular types of steel buildings are excellent alternatives to pole barns due to the following reasons:

  • Metal farm buildings are fireproof.
  • Metal farm buildings do not get affected by humidity or moisture.
  • Prefab metal buildings offer a variety of options for customization.
  • They’re easy to maintain and clean.
  • Prefab steel building kits provide a lot more benefits.

Manufacturers of prefab steel barns normally use hot-dipped galvanized steel that is rust-resistant. This ensures your building remains in good condition for a long time. If you’re looking to save on costs, then prefabricated steel buildings are the best choice for you.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Agricultural Building Prices

The square foot price of metal farm buildings depends on size and location. You should consider checking out the different styles and designs that come with these types of metal barns.

If you’re looking into purchasing pre-engineered metal farm buildings, then expect to pay a few hundred dollars per square foot. However, if you go for repurposed or used equipment, then it may cost significantly lower.

A Pre-engineered steel farm building is available in both residential and commercial styles. If you’re set on purchasing a steel building kit, then you should visit the manufacturer’s office for an accurate quote that is customized to your requirements.

Metal building prices start for as low as $24,000 for a 10 x 16-foot building kit.

Agricultural Buildings Price Quotes

To get the best prices for your prefabricated steel building, you should consult with manufacturers of these agricultural buildings to offer you a price quote. You can also compare quotes from various manufacturers in your area before making an ultimate decision on which company to purchase your metal ag buildings from.

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