80 x 120 Metal Building

Building an 80 x 120 Metal Building on Your Property

An 80 x 120 Metal Building is a large structure that can be used for a variety of purposes. This article will list the possible uses for a steel structure of this size, its advantages, and the cost it might entail.

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Uses of an 80 x 120 Metal Building

As mentioned, this steel structure covers a large area. That makes it ideal for several purposes. They require fewer supporting columns than concrete or maybe even a wooden structure. That means its interiors are largely open and offer uninterrupted space.

The large and open space means that the users are free to move around inside when they want to. This makes it ideal for purposes like commercial spaces, storage, warehouses, and others.

An 80 x 120 Metal Building can be used for the following purposes in particular:

Light Aircraft Hangar

This building can be used effectively for storing small aircraft. It will allow mechanics to move around freely when they are doing maintenance work for the plane.

Auto Repair Shop

A large auto repair shop needs a lot of space. There should be enough space for multiple vehicles. The mechanics should have enough space to move around when they must. There should also be enough space for storing spare parts and all the tools.


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Office Space

An office space should be comfortable enough for the people who will be working inside. With modern insulation, a steel building can be turned in an effective office space.

These are just some of the purposes that a steel building can be used for. As you can see, it is a versatile structure.

Debunking Myths about Metal Buildings

There are a few myths about a mental building system that need to be debunked. These myths might hold you back from taking advantage of the advantages that you can get from this type of structure:

Myth #1: Metal Buildings Are More Expensive

Some people think that 80 x 120 Metal Building are way more expensive than other types of buildings and that is why they shy away from choosing steel buildings. What they don’t know is that a metal building can actually be cheaper to build compared to a structure of the same size that’s made from a different material.

Myth #2: Metal Buildings Are Not Energy Efficient

This might seem like commonsense, after all, steel is a conductor. It will allow heat or cold to escape. What others don’t know is that steel buildings allow for more high-quality insulating materials to be placed on the walls. That can make the building more energy-efficient than even a wooden structure.

Myth #3: Steel Buildings Are Noisy

Without insulating materials, pre-engineered metal buildings can really be noisy because sound can travel through its walls, but with modern insulation, the interior of a steel building can be turned into a sound-poof space. In fact, some people now use metal buildings as residential spaces and they can completely block out the noise coming from the outside.

Myth #4: A Steel Building Can Expand

This is true; metal buildings will expand, and contract based on the temperature. What is not true is that the expansion and contraction will cause damage to the steel building. The designers of steel buildings take the expansion and contraction of the structure into account when they are designing it. They make sure that it will not cause a problem to the integrity of the building.

These are just a few of the myths that you should be aware of 80 x 120 Metal Building. When you do enough research, you can really get to the bottom of things. This is one example of that. You can really discover that metal buildings are your top choice.

Cost of a 80 x 120 Metal Building

Now, you might be wondering about the cost of an 80 x 120 Metal Building. With an area of 9,600 square foot, you get a lot of space for this type of structure. Because it’s such a large steel structure space, you can expect this building to be costly.

The price of a steel building of this size can range from $53,000 to $57,000. That metal building cost may vary depending on the location and any other additional details which you may want.

Overall, however, a 80 x 120 Metal Building of this size should meet all your needs. It should provide adequate space that you may need.

Benefits of Steel Frame Buildings

Now that you are aware of a 80 x 120 Metal building, let’s also take a look at the benefits of having steel frame buildings. These are some of the advantages that this type of steel structure can provide:


One advantage to metal prefab buildings is their durability. It can resist fire, high winds, and even earthquakes because it is sturdy.


A metal building system are also space-efficient because it takes less time to put them together. Metal can be easily molded into different shapes and designs that will certainly meet your needs.


Another advantage that you get from metal buildings is their versatility since they can be used for different purposes other than just as a storage space. It can be used for agricultural purposes, as well as commercial ones.

There are many advantages to metal buildings; you’d be surprised at how useful it can be for your business or home. If you want to take advantage of having a structure that is sturdy and durable, then a metal building system will surely meet your needs.

Numerous customization possibilities

Metal is, by all accounts, the most customizable building material on the market these days. It can be easily cut with a plasma cutter or even a simple metal saw and bent into any shape imaginable. This means that you can create curved walls if needed or make custom openings for doors and windows.

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There are also tons of different ways to attach roofs to metal buildings which are both inexpensive and, in most cases, highly effective.

Standard Features of a Metal Building

In addition to their customizability, metal buildings also have a number of standard features that you can’t find in other building materials.


The most important of the standard features of metal buildings is the ability to withstand high winds without any problem. Metal buildings can easily rate up to 150mph winds whereas concrete and wood buildings will likely collapse under any wind over 60mph.


The metal used in the walls and the insulation within keeps heat inside, preventing fires from spreading, and making it impossible for a fire to grow inside. Even if there is damage to one wall of your building due to a hurricane or tornadoes, you don’t need to worry about losing everything inside because of the fireproofing.

Insulated Panels

Insulating your building is also much easier with metal walls because you can use any type of insulation on the inside of the wall. All types of insulation are manufactured in different thicknesses which means it’s easy to get the exact amount needed without wasting money by having to buy more than you need.

Walls and Roofs

Metal buildings also have other standard features for the walls and roofs, but altogether they make metal buildings the best choice in terms of durability, space efficiency, versatility, and customization possibilities.

Roof Sheeting

Roof sheeting typically includes ridged panels with a single locking strip. The ridges are found across the width of the sheeting to allow for increased stiffness and greater resistance to wind uplift.

A central ridge typically runs along the building’s spine, which improves wind performance and also allows for additional services such as lighting or mechanical systems to be installed without compromising the structural integrity of the roof.

Primary and Secondary Framing

A metal building has two types of framing: primary and secondary.

Primary Framing is what you see on the outside of your building, such as the wall panels and roof trusses. Secondary Framing refers to the bracing that is on the inside of your structure which holds up all of your walls, doors, and windows securely in place.

Interior Columns

There are also interior columns in a metal building that hold up all of your walls, doors, and windows.

The features of the building are very important, especially if you plan on using it for an extended period of time. Make sure that you always keep the benefits and features as an important consideration whenever purchasing a new unit or structure.

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