80 X 100 Metal Building

80 X 100 Metal Building – The Many Awesome Uses

80 X 100 Metal Building – Do you need a large structure? You should consider getting a metal building. Aside from the fact that a metal building can enclose a large space efficiently and effectively, it also comes with other advantages. This article will look into the many uses of an 80 X 100 metal building and the advantages that this type of structure has to offer.

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Why Metal?

Before we discuss the uses of an 80 X 100 metal building, let’s go through some of the reasons why people choose it in the first place.

Metal Structures Are Durable
Metal structures, which are normally made of steel are highly durable. Steel is a very strong material and it lends that strength which uses it as the main material. Steel buildings can withstand intense weather conditions and other harsh conditions that may damage buildings made with other types of materials.

Steel also has the highest tensile strength of the common materials used for construction. That means steel will not break easily. That makes it ideal for different kinds of designs. Structures that are impossible to achieve with other types of building materials can be done with steel.

Fast Assembly
Another major reason why people go for metal buildings is because of the time it takes less time to assemble them compared to other building types. Most of the work with the metal buildings are done in the manufacturing plants where the structure is created. The sections will just have to be assembled when they are delivered on the site, which will take less time and personnel to accomplish.

Choosing a metal structure can lead to a 30% savings in building costs. That’s pretty substantial! Where will the savings come from? It’s mostly from labor costs. Because it takes less work to assemble a metal building as compared to building one made from other materials like wood.


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Now, you might be thinking that the savings mean you will be sacrificing on some other quality but that’s not really true. Metal buildings for the most part are reliable and high quality.

High Customization
This is another reason why people choose metal buildings. Most of the time, agricultural buildings, commercial spaces, and recreational facilities require to be changed from time to time. Metal buildings are ideal for those because it is a lot easier to upgrade and make additions to those compared to wooden buildings. For a metal structure, expanding it just means opening up one section and adding the needed part to that. It’s very easy.

Resistant to Fires
Another important quality of metal buildings that you should consider is the fact that they are resistant to fires. Unlike wood which can easily burn down, metal would have to be subjected to their very high temperature for a long time before the structure becomes completely destroyed. All buildings can be destroyed by fire, but metal has the best chance of resisting.

Long Use
Compared to other types of buildings, metal offers the possibility of longer use simply because it is less prone to harsh conditions like the effects of weather. This is very useful with buildings that are utilized for highly more utilitarian purposes like barns, workshops, and warehouses.

Fewer Maintenance Requirements
The old-style wooden shed requires a great deal of maintenance work. It has to be painted and checked for infestation of termites. You don’t have that kind of problem with a metal building that is not prone to infestation or requires much maintenance work.

Better Insulation
Some say that 80 X 100 Metal Building have poor insulation and that’s true if there is no insulation placed around it. The heat and the cold will escape through metal more quickly than other materials. But with the use of modern insulation, a metal structure can become more energy efficient. In fact, a well-insulated metal building can lead up to a 50% savings in energy costs!

Where 80 X 100 Metal Buildings Can Be Used

The 80 X 100 Metal Building of this size are quite large. With an area of 8,000 square feet, it is mostly used for industrial, commercial, and agricultural purposes. They can be used for hangars and for recreational facilities. Sometimes they can also be used for warehouses. They are more ideal for commercial and industrial use where the interior must have a lot of free space without any restrictions on movement.

In regards with the cost, a building of this size can range from  $44,000 to $56,000. A 80 X 100 Metal Building without any insulation, for example, will be on the low-end of cost but one with modern insulation will cost more.

These are just some of the things that you ought to know in regards to the 80 X 100 metal building. If you require a structure for more personal use like a workshop or a garage, there are smaller and more affordable options that you can go for.

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