60 X 80 Metal Building

Selecting A 60 X 80 Metal Building

60 X 80 Metal Building – If you want to build a new structure on your property, then you should consider a metal building. These structures offer numerous distinct advantages. For example, metal buildings will not attract termites and they do not require painting. Metal roofs and siding panels generally last longer than other types of materials.

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Metal structures also provide increased security; when burglars try to break into a building, they can make a lot of noise doing it. That noise travels easily through glass windows and thin wooden walls, which metal walls do not have.

Metal buildings are attractive to look at as well. If you want a building that looks more like a home or business than just another warehouse, then you will appreciate the clean aesthetic found in many metal structures.

In this article, we will look into the development of the metal building. We will also check out the benefits and the pricing of the size 60 X 80 metal building.

What is a Metal Building?

A metal building is a steel-framed structure that is covered with either aluminum, corrugated steel, or some type of panel. It has an interesting look and usually contains large openings to allow for easy entrance. To understand this you have to imagine a large warehouse with walls, roof, and floors but no doors or windows.

The metal building is a basic structure with most of the work being done on the inside. The outside is just a shell for protection against weather and to provide a place to anchor it into place.


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How did the Steel Building Develop?

Metal buildings have been around for over 100 years, but they were not developed until after World War I. The use of steel in building structures became more important because many bridges that were made of wood, metal, or brick needed to be replaced.

Because it was so useful, companies started looking for ways to use steel in order to create sturdy buildings. When the steel came out in large panels, manufacturers realized they could construct a roof and walls easily.

This started the development of what we now know as a metal building.

A Brief Metal Building Background

Compared to other types of buildings, metal buildings are relatively new. Its use only became popular in the 20th Century, particularly after the Second World War when steel became readily available. Although before that, there have been significant steel building structures built from steel. The Eiffel Tower, for example, is a metallic edifice that has been standing since the year 1889. 

As steel became more common and its cost went down, people started taking advantage of the features that it has to offer. It is easy to work with and it can be formed into interesting shapes. It also withstands the elements well and it does not decay like other materials such as wood.

Steel Buildings Today

Today, steel structures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Some types of metal buildings are purely functional; they do not have any windows or insulation. You can stack these steel structures on top of each other and they will not take up more room than a typical warehouse structure.

Other types of metal buildings look more like office buildings or residences because their design reflects that shape. They have windows and insulation; some even come furnished with wiring and plumbing installed.

Advantages of Metal Buildings

There are many advantages to building your home or business with metal buildings. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Metal buildings are structurally sound mainly because of the strength of steel, which is what’s used mainly in these types of buildings. They are manufactured under strict specifications which means that they can withstand a lot of adverse conditions that other types of buildings may be unable to withstand.
  2. Excess materials for steel building construction are all recyclable. Scrap metal can always be sold. That’s an important quality for those who are worried about waste.
  3. Steel does not bend or warp easily. It has a very high tensile strength which makes it an ideal material for a lot of designers.
  4. Steel is easy to install. It would still require the skill of professionals for a larger metal building but compared to other types of buildings it needs less time or expertise to put together. That’s another important distinction with a concrete or wooden structure, a steel building is just assembled on the spot. It is normally manufactured in a plant and the sections brought on the site.
  5. One of the biggest advantages offered by a metal building that is made mostly from steel is that they are very cost-effective. Compared to a concrete building, it’s cheaper to erect a steel building mainly because the labor costs are lower.
  6. There is less chance of infestation with steel and other metal structures. They are not as prone as wood to mold and mildew. Insects, for example, have a difficult time chewing through the metal.
  7. Although steel may be more expensive to purchase at first, in the long run, a steel structure can see significant savings in cost. This is because it will last much longer than other materials and there would not be any repairs or maintenance costs that you have to pay regularly.

These are the main advantages that you can get from a metal building. Now it’s time to take a look at how metal buildings can be used.

Types of Metal Buildings

Because of the advantages offered by metal buildings, there are several uses for it. Here are some of the types of metal buildings based on usage:


Steel buildings are often used in agriculture because they are cost-effective and they can cover large areas. They are often used in farms for storing agricultural equipment and for storing grain and other produce. A 60 X 80 Metal Building is also ideal for metal barns and horse barns.

Commercial and Retail

Metal is also used for commercial and retail steel buildings because they can be built quickly and they can be designed to meet the exact kind of specifications that are needed by the owners. These steel buildings also need large areas that are free from columns and supports. Steel is the ideal material to meet those needs.


If you have seen storage facilities you would notice that most of those structures are made of steel. The cost-effectiveness of metal is ideal for storage spaces. Comfort is not really a factor for these spaces so the rugged utility of a steel structure is ideal for them.


Many recreational facilities that are being built are made from metal now. These spaces require lots of open space where people can move around freely. Because steel buildings do not require too many columns that can get in the way, they are the structure of choice for many research facilities.


It’s not surprising that steel is also now being used for religious facilities. These steel buildings often require unobstructed interiors that facilitate freedom of movement. Another crucial quality of steel buildings is they can be easily expanded.


Yes, you read that right. There are homes that are built from steel. Contrary to popular belief that they are uncomfortable, these steel homes are easily customizable. You can make changes to them to suit your lifestyle and needs. The 60 X 80 Metal Building insulation technology has also been greatly improved in recent years.

Steel Garage And Shop

There are now metal garages and shops. This is the newest form of metal building and it’s becoming very popular with homeowners and business owners who need a large space to store their cars or tools. Metal garages and shops come in sizes that would suit any requirement. You can also use prefabricated kits if you don’t have the time to build from scratch. There are different designs you can choose from so steel garages and shops suit any taste.

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Metal Carports

If you want a cheap shelter to protect your car, metal carports work great. Now steel is made in various thicknesses and with several types of insulation so these steel carports do not just provide protection against the elements, they also keep your vehicle cool during hot summer days.

Uses of 60 X 80 Metal Building

These are just some of the types of steel buildings. If you want to know more about them then here are some uses for 60 X 80 Metal Buildings:

  • The most common use of these structures is for storage space, be it personal or commercial. As mentioned earlier, these buildings can cover large areas, and making them even larger after they are built is a simple task.
  • A 60 X 80 Metal Building is also great for housing animals depending on your needs, you can even have a space in it where you do some farming.
  • These buildings are being used by commercial and retail businesses because they have large, open spaces that can be easily customized to suit the owner’s preferences.
  • If you need a lot of open areas then a 60 X 80 Metal Building can offer that to you. These structures are perfect for recreational facilities because they do not have any columns that might get in the way when people are moving around.
  • The size also serves as great metal garages. Their size means you can easily fit two large vehicles in them.
  • Businesses that are looking to expand can also use this type of steel structure because they are easy to add to when the need arises.
  • A 60 X 80 Metal Building is great for animal shelters or storage spaces where you keep your farming supplies.
  • The size is perfect for serving as an office or even as a place to do some farming.
  • A 60 X 80 metal building is also great as a metal carport because you can easily fit two large vehicles in them.
  • If you need a lot of open space then a 60 X 80 metal building can offer that to you. These steel structures are perfect for recreational facilities because they do not have any columns that might get in the way when people are moving around.
  • Many religious institutions are now using steel buildings because it provides them with an unobstructed space that can suit their needs.
  • If you need a home that is easily customizable then getting a steel house is the best option for you, just make sure to follow all of the building codes and regulations when doing so.

There are many uses for 60 X 80 Metal Buildings but one thing that they have in common is flexibility. These structures can be customized to suit your needs. This is why they are the perfect buildings for different types of spaces.

Are Metal Buildings A Great Investment?

Have you ever looked at pictures of high-class houses in magazines and wondered ‘how much did that cost?’ If so then the answer to that question might surprise you because it turns out that making money isn’t the only reason to invest in a custom steel house…

There are many reasons why it is very rewarding and worthwhile for you to invest in your own home, for example:

  • Customize the interior of the structure according to your preference. You can be as creative as you want when designing your dream home.
  • The amount of money that you will save on heating bills with a steel home can be very high.
  • It is possible to adapt the designs of the metal house so it perfectly suits your lifestyle and needs.
  • A steel home’s ability to withstand natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes ensures that it is waterproof in addition to being durable.
  • It is possible to soundproof a steel building which can serve as an advantage if you want complete privacy or if you live near the airport and it disturbs your sleep at night.

If you’re looking for a new home then consider getting a steel structure. There are many other reasons why this makes for an excellent investment.

Metal Building Sizes 60′ x 80′ Metal Buildings are typically used for commercial use, but they can be altered to suit your needs. By making the right modifications to the steel structure you can easily make it suitable for residential purposes.

60 X 80 Metal Building Overall Cost

What are the metal building prices of a 60 X 80 metal building for you? As you would know, the overall cost of a building is not easy to estimate. You expect it to range from $29,000 to $43,000. That’s a very wide range but remember that 60 X 80 metal buildings will have a floor area of 4,800 square feet. Any change in the setup of the building can drastically affect its overall metal building prices. 

Factors that Affect Metal Building Prices

There are a number of factors that can have an effect on the overall cost of your building. You need to know what they are so you can get an idea of how much you need to spend on your metal structure.

Choice of Manufacturer

The choice of manufacturer is crucial because different suppliers will offer packages at very different price points. So make sure you do your research first before you make a decision.

Type of Metal Frame

The type of metal frame is also an important consideration because it can affect the overall cost of your building. Steel is usually cheaper but steel from China might be more expensive. It’s best to compare steel building prices from different suppliers for this one.

Size of the Building

Obviously, the size of your building will also affect its price. The larger it is, the more expensive it will be. If you are planning to use 60 X 80 metal buildings for commercial purposes, then you can expect that they might cost quite a bit more compared to other structures because of their capacity and features.

Use of Additional Features

You can also expect to pay more if you want additional features for your metal building. They include special insulation, lights, and locks for security or extra wiring. Once again, make sure you do your research first so you know what other costs are involved in your project.

Floor Plans that Affect Price

The floor plans of the structure will also affect its price. For example, open floor plans will be cheaper than enclosed buildings because they do not have to pay for additional materials that would give the structure more rigidity.

The same thing applies to additional materials used in the metal building. Although steel is cheaper, U-walls are not. You can expect that 60 X 80 Metal building prices will be significantly higher if they include certain features that are specific to your needs.

Size of Foundation

Every structure needs some sort of base where it would be anchored to the ground. The base or foundation is usually made from concrete and it cost significantly more than the actual structure. It’s not advisable to cut corners on this part because you need a strong and safe foundation to support your metal building.

Rooftop Costs

Aside from the cost of steel, there are also costs involved with rooftop components. You can expect to pay for more if you need special cooling equipment. There are also additional costs associated with solar panels because these systems usually have inverters that require extra wiring and installation costs.

Roof Style

Another key factor that can have an effect on metal building prices is the roof style. This will affect the size of your structure and the amount of material needed for it. Agricultural buildings tend to have a lower pitch compared to commercial ones because they need less headroom under their roofs. The standard pitch for metal agricultural structures is around three feet while commercial buildings usually have an average of five feet.

If you want to save on roof costs, make sure that you get professional advice before making a decision. Some roofs are more complicated than others and they may be more expensive but it might be worth the investment if you can save on other parts of your project like the foundation or the base. A vertical roof style, for example, is more expensive compared to its flat counterpart.

Doors and Windows

Another factor that will affect the cost of your metal building is the doors and windows. Garage doors, for example, are going to be a lot more expensive compared to conventional doors. Larger garage doors also mean paying more so you need to take note of this detail. The same thing applies to windows. They can affect the overall cost of your structure so it’s best to choose them carefully.

It’s best to compare prices from different suppliers before you make a final decision about which material is going to work best for your project. You can also expect to pay more if you need double-glazed units. Remember to include these costs in your overall budget because they are important for energy efficiency reasons.

Fasteners and Anchors for Erection

Fasteners and anchors will also play a role in the price of your metal building because these are crucial in keeping the structure in place. It’s important to find out how much they cost so you will know if they are within your budget or not.

Other Factors

There are other factors that can influence the overall cost of your building so it’s best to discuss these issues with the supplier before you finalize your contract. You are also advised to make sure you have an idea about the company’s reputation for promptness and excellence in their delivery of products. The more straightforward they are, the better because you don’t want any surprises once you finalize the terms of sale.

60 X 80 Metal Building Design Ideas

Don’t forget that prefab metal buildings are also great for other activities as well. For example, they can be used as a place to store your valuables or equipment. You can even put up a workshop if you want! So keep an open mind and think about ways you can use your building.

Remember that what is outside of the metal building will also determine its overall cost. You need to make sure that it’s properly secured and that there are no leaks or any other problems before you move into a new steel structure. Take great care in choosing the right manufacturer as well so you don’t waste money on something that is shoddily made.

With a little bit of knowledge and planning, you can ensure that your metal building will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made!

These are just some of the things that you ought to know about the 60 X 80 metal building. It’s a perfect choice for you.

Why Should You Invest in a 60 X 80 Metal Building?

Well, here are some reasons why you should invest in a 60 X 80 metal building:

• They last longer. The standard lifespan of a metal building is about 15 years and they have been known to withstand strong winds, hurricanes, and even tornadoes. This means that it could be the only investment you will need to make so there’s no need to worry about this for years.

• They are versatile. You can use them to store machinery or equipment but you can also convert it into a garage if that’s what your project needs. They are popular in construction sites because these structures can be used as temporary office space. This means that they will save you money in the long run.

• They are easy to maintain. It’s also important to note that they can be easily cleaned if you need some space for an event or function. There’s no need to worry about hiring someone else to do it because it can be done by yourself within minutes! You will also get many years of use before it needs to be replaced or repaired.

• They are good value for money. The overall value of a metal building is high because they can be used in many different ways and they can also last for years with proper maintenance and care. This means that you will save more and get more out of your investment so it’s best to consider this as an option.

So these are just some of the reasons why you should invest in a 60 X 80 metal building and what it can offer for your needs and requirements.

How much is a 60 x 80 metal barn?

The cost of a 60 X 80 metal barn is dependent upon the size, style, type, and colors. The larger the building you want to build, the more it will cost. For example, if you are looking for a standard type building in Silver/Grey with no frills or special treatments, then your starting price would be about $11 to $13 a square foot. This would be for a simple-style building but could vary greatly on location and the extras you might need.

If you were looking for any type of customization or frills, your cost will immediately go up from there. To give an idea, some of the customized options would be to have two different colors of metal on the building, have it insulated with foam insulation, have double doors in the front of the building, have French-style doors installed for an office window area, or to have windows installed.

These are just some of the customizable options that you can choose from. It will typically cost more per square foot to customize your building compared to having it just basic. For example, you can have a double-colored metal building for about $17 to $19 per square foot plus additional costs of the customizations.

So what will your cost be? Again, it depends on what you are looking for in your new metal barn building!

What are some things to consider when having a 60 x 80 metal building?

There are a few things to consider when having a 60X80 metal building. For example, do you want the standard style or do you want something custom-made with special treatments, colors, and frills? Do you plan on using it as storage for your equipment or machinery or will it be used as an office space with windows and doors added? Is insulation needed, etc.?

These are all things to consider when planning on having your new 60X80 metal building installed. It is important to know how you plan to use the building so that it can be customized for your needs and requirements.

How big of a site do I need for my metal barn?

The size of your site will depend on the size and style of the building. For example, you may need a larger space for a large custom metal barn building compared to having a standard style bare-bones metal barn building. You can also add it to your metal barn later or even turn it into an office if needed. This is why having a versatile structure is important to consider.

How do I find my metal barn company?

If you are looking for a metal barn, be sure to do your research before contacting the company. Check online reviews and testimonials to see if they are reputable enough to hire.

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