60 X 60 Metal Building

Getting a 60 X 60 Metal Building: What Are the Advantages

Getting a 60 X 60 metal building can be a smart investment. But you have to weigh the advantages of a metal building against its alternatives, such as a stick-built or pre-fabricated structure. You may find that a pre-engineered metal building is an ideal solution for your needs and budget.

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This article will look into those benefits and the cost of the building.

Uses of a 60 X 60 Metal Building

This kind of structure is well suited for a number of applications as follows:

A steel building for livestock and other farm animals

A metal structure is the best choice because of its durability and easy clean-up.

A shelter for construction equipment

If you’re involved in building projects, a 60 X 60 Metal Building provides an ideal place to put your heavy equipment during your project.

A place to store hay or other farm produce

One of the most popular uses for a metal building is storage. A 60 X 60 Metal Building provides an ideal solution when you need additional storage space which is easy to obtain and doesn’t require you to have any special tools.


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A garage and garage doors

You might ask, “How can I use a metal structure like a garage?” The answer is that you have to have the appropriate climate. If it doesn’t get too cold in your area, you live in an area where there are no extremes of weather, you can use this kind of building for your vehicles. Metal garages are easy to clean and occupy little space.

A shelter for equipment or vehicles

If you have construction equipment that isn’t used year-round, the ideal place to store it is in a 60 X 60 Metal Building. This metal building structure can provide all kinds of protection from weather and other outside elements which could damage them.

Metal carports are another use for this style of building. If you have a bus or camper which is not in regular use, putting it in a metal carport can protect it from being damaged by outside elements.

A place to store your business tools

If your business requires you to keep a number of different tools at the ready, they are easily accessible in a metal building. You can also use it as an outdoor place for your suppliers or contractors to store their equipment when they are working on your project.

A shelter for farm animals

Many people who have animal farms will consider investing in this kind of steel structure. It’s a great choice for the animals. They appreciate the protection from weather and predators which a metal building provides. Metal barns are a great choice for livestock. You can use it as a chicken house or storage for other farm animals such as horses, pigs, sheep, cows or goats.

What You Can Expect from a 60 X 60 Metal Building

So, you have chosen a 60×60 metal building. What can you get with a metal building?

Here are a few of its benefits:

Lower Insurance Costs

Because steel buildings can withstand bad weather and other rough conditions better than other types of structures, insurance companies charge lower rates for them. Insurance may not be something that you would consider when you are first thinking about erecting a building but lower insurance rates can save you a lot in the long run.

Stronger Structure

The metal structures of the past were not very strong. In fact, they’re not really buildings at all in the modern sense of the word. They’re more like sheds and they don’t offer much in terms of protection or durability. Things have changed now and the steel structures that you can get are sturdy and are very durable. They are designed to last for a long whole.

Energy Efficient

Others might be surprised at this benefit because some people believe that steel structures are not energy efficient, which is why they are only fit for use as garages or storage areas. That may be true in the past but with high-quality insulation, steel structures are actually more energy efficient when compared with other types of buildings. Because the walls of pre-engineered metal buildings allow for more insulation to be placed, the whole structure can become more energy efficient.


One of the reasons why traditional building construction can be very costly and why it usually exceeds the estimated budget is because of delays. There are a lot of things that can cause delays in construction. Lack of construction materials, delay in the delivery, lack of manpower are just a few of the possible reasons. You will not encounter any of those problems when you are dealing with steel structures.

Most of the work needed for these types of structures is done in a manufacturing plant of companies selling buildings. The sections will just have to be brought to the site for assembly. That means the cost of labor for erecting this type of building will be lower from the outset and there would be fewer delays for it too.

Note though that steel building prices depend on a lot of variables. The type, size, and other details could raise or lower the cost of a building.


Steel structures can be used for all kinds of purposes. In the past, they were mainly used for storage and other similar purposes, but with the introduction of modern insulation, they can now be used for office spaces and even residential spaces.

On top of that level of versatility, these buildings are also quite flexible. They can be altered and expanded as the need arise. Changing it requires less preparation than changing a wooden structure.

Saves Time and Money

The whole process of getting a traditional building constructed can be long and expensive. If you add up the potential delays caused by lack of supplies, manpower, and similar factors, you will notice that there is a lot of time wasted during construction. And when you have to spend more money on things beyond your budget, it can be even worse. On top of that, you may miss out on opportunities because your building is not ready in time. It’s not surprising that many business owners want to save time and money when they can. A metal structure like a steel building will be the best choice for them.

Reduces Construction Waste

During traditional building construction, there will be a lot of waste materials that are produced. A good portion of those construction wastes is recyclable materials like bricks, planks, and other wooden materials. But with steel buildings, you don’t have to worry about this because they are mostly composed of recyclable metal bars. That means they will produce less waste and recycling them can also reduce your wastes.

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Reduces Carbon Emissions

If society would place more value on how much greenhouse gases we emit, metal structures like steel buildings would be given a high preference because they emit less carbon than other types of building constructions. If your goal is to go green and to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s one of the best choices you can make.

Stability and Durability

Steel structures are very sturdy and they do not get affected by natural calamities like earthquakes or heavy winds so easily. And while wooden structures would only last about 20 years, metal buildings can last for at least 50 years. The sturdiness of metal structures means that you will not have to spend more money on repairs or rebuilds every few years like what you would need to do for wooden structures. This means it’s cost-effective too!

Fire Resistant

Another important factor is fire resistance. Most buildings nowadays are built using wood. As you know, wood burns. There are even cases where buildings made of wood were burned down in just a few minutes. Metal buildings will not burn that easily because they do not have combustible properties. If you need to protect your building from fire damage, metal structures are the best choice.

Provides Shade

Nowadays, more and more people need spaces where they can relax and enjoy the last bit of sunlight. And if you build a traditional building, it will only trap the heat because wood absorbs light and converts it into heat. Metal buildings do not absorb light so they keep your interiors cooler than those made by other materials. If you live in areas with lots of sun, having metal buildings is one of the best choices you can make.

Weather Resistance

Traditional buildings are especially prone to damage during heavy rain and strong winds. But it’s not so bad for metal structures because they are quite sturdy when it comes to withstanding heavy winds or rainwater. So if you build it in areas that are frequently visited by typhoons or subjected to heavy rain, metal buildings are the best choice you can make.

No Crane Necessary

If you have a building made of steel, you don’t need to use a crane for construction. That means it can be constructed quickly and even by people who have no experience in handling heavy equipment. If you want a DIY project that doesn’t require any skill or expertise, then metal buildings are the best choice!

These are just some of the benefits that you can get from a metal building. Some are hesitant about using metal buildings because of some negative things that they have heard about these structures. For example, some think that steel buildings are noisy.

If you don’t place insulation on the 60 X 60 Metal Building, then the noise from the outside can really get through. But if you will be using your steel building as an office space or a residential building then it’s required that you use high-quality insulation.

Cost of a 60 x 60 Metal Building

A 60 X 60 Metal Building can provide you with a space covering 3,600 square feet. That should be enough for most of the things that you have in mind. As mentioned before, it can be an ideal workshop or even a small airplane hangar.

A steel building of that size can cost you between $23,000.00 and $26,000. That is still very cost-effective when you compare that to a building of the same size that is made from a different material. You should also think about the long-term costs like maintenance since a mental building will require less maintenance during its entire lifespan when compared to, say a wooden building.

Metal building prices vary according to size, frame type, the features of the building, steel prices, and where you are located. But you should be able to find a metal building that can provide quality space at an affordable price even if you don’t live in the biggest city around.

Building Construction Materials – Concrete vs Metal

As you could see in the costs section above, metal can be very affordable to use for building construction. That’s because it is so easy to work with and even has a lot of benefits over other types of materials used in construction. The lower cost is just one of them; there are also others that make it worth considering when you need a building or a home.

Metal buildings have a lot of benefits over say, a wooden structure for your new house. This section will highlight some of those benefits and why you should consider metal as the material for your building project.

Metal Buildings have many advantages over other types of construction materials:

  • Pre-Assembled – Metal buildings are made from panels that are connected with screws or bolts. These pre-assembled panels can be transported easily and put together on-site by a small crew, with little to no construction background needed
  • Strength – Metal buildings have a very high strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Durable – Metal resists rusting, rotting, warping, or deteriorating from weather elements like rain, sun, and snow.
  • Insulation – Metal buildings are insulated with either polystyrene or polyurethane insulation to keep the hot or cold air from penetrating into your living space
  • Pre Engineered – All metal building kits come with a factory-issued set of blueprints and engineering drawings
  • Weathertight – Metal buildings are designed to withstand high-velocity winds and don’t buckle like wood or concrete.
  • Long-Lasting – Metal can last well over 100 years if properly cared for.
  • Fire Resistant – Steel building materials are non-flammable, unlike wood which is easily combustible. The steel in a metal building will not expand when heated and can even resist burning.
  • Termites, Pests, and Rot-proof – Since metal is non-combustible, you don’t have to worry about termite or bug infestations from rotting wood. Termites cannot eat through steel!

It’s clear that there are a lot of benefits to using a metal building for your next construction project. With all these advantages, metal buildings are fast becoming popular in many parts of the world

Customization Options for 60 X 60 Metal Buildings

Building a new office, storage space or even a hangar is something that many people opt for when they need to cover an area of approximately 3,600 square feet. This equivalent in building measurements makes it ideal for the needs of most individuals who are looking for this type of structure.

  • A 60 X 60 metal building kit can provide you with the customization options that are needed in order to create the perfect space for any need you have. Although typically your choices are limited when it comes to kit building, there are still enough elements within the kit that allow you to make certain changes if necessary
  • The option of adding or removing windows is one of the most common customizations that people choose to make. For instance, you may only want the windows on two walls to ensure that there is good ventilation for your needs or if you work in a cooler environment during certain times of the year
  • The other customizations come in the form of choosing various options when it comes to exterior finishes. You can choose from any number of colors and even textures. The ability to customize the look of your building can be very enticing for some people who want an individualized look without having to create this type of space all on their own
  • The customization options that are within your 60 x 60 metal building kit ensure that you will have everything that is needed in order to create a perfect fit for your needs.

Standard Components and Accessories of Prefab Metal Buildings

Understanding all the different elements within each metal building kit will help you make sure that you choose the right one for your needs. This can also help you to determine if there are any additional components or accessories that you’ll need to have installed which will cost extra.


The roofing of your metal building is one of the most important elements. Different materials and options will offer different benefits so you’ll want to look closely at what is being offered when it comes to this feature.

A roof panel that has a Galvalume coating will provide you with extra protection from rust and moisture. While galvanized steel provides a building that is built to last.

A vertical roof style will be the best choice if you want to maximize the space within your building because of the way that this style maximizes height. If you want a unique look, a peaked roof may be a better choice for your needs.

Roofing accessories that are included will include gutters and downspouts, storage doors, or even vents that can help with ventilation and cooling.

Wall panels

There are different wall paneling options within your 60 x 60 metal building kit. These include Vertical, Girts, Trusses, and Studs with insulation added. The material used will be galvanized steel that has an R-value rating of close to 13.

The vertical panels tend to be more rigid and are ideal for storage areas because they give you the most space in terms of height. Girts, or purlins, are horizontal pieces that connect your studs together which gives you stability when it comes to wall strength. Trusses are the third option and they add a small amount of space to your building. With trusses being more common in garages, these trusses have an R-value rating of 13.

The studs with insulation will give you a finished look when used on all four sides of a wall while also offering some insulation


There are many different types of doors that can be added or removed in order to allow for the perfect fit. You can even choose to add more than one door or different types of doors in order to get the most out of your space.

Walk indoors and roll up doors are the most common options and come in a variety of different materials and finishes.

Walk doors are the other option that you’ll see. The panels open vertically and work best in areas where there is less space between buildings to make sure that everything can fit within your building.

Garage doors are another option that you can choose to have added to your building because it can be a space saver while still allowing for good access to the inside. Larger garage doors that are double or “barn” style can give you more space to store your larger equipment.

Door accessories include windows, locks, and even openers. For security purposes, you can choose to have locking doors installed.


The windows that are part of your kit can be customized with either glass or screens and come in a number of styles. This allows you to create an individualized look that will complement the rest of your space


Adding a vent to your building can help with ventilation and even allow for heating or cooling systems to be installed within the space.


There are also different support types that can be included with your kit. You may choose from the post, truss or rafter supports.

Decorative elements

There are also options to add decorative details that can help enhance the look of your building. These features include vents, lightning rods, and even fascia. You may also choose to have some or all of these options added on.

You’ll want to consider the many different factors that will go into choosing a building kit for your new metal building. You’ll want to take into account the features that will be included, the style of roof that you prefer, insulation, and much more.

The right kit can create a custom space and can even increase your property value.

Do You Need a Permit?

One of the most common questions that people have when it comes to metal buildings is whether they will need a permit in order to put up their structure. The answer is typically no. However, there are some situations where you may be required to get such a permit and this debate varies from location to location.

In general, though, you do not need to get a permit in order to construct your 60 x 60 metal buildings.

Space Requirements

Typically, it is necessary for you to meet certain size requirements if you want the building that you are looking to erect. This means that you will typically need an area of at least 3,660 square feet before getting a permit becomes necessary. You can also opt to use a larger piece of land which will ensure that you do not need to obtain such a permit.

The final space requirement that has been identified is the height requirement. Most structures are built at 45 feet in order for them to be considered legal structures. However, there are certain buildings that may exceed this minimum height requirement even if they are constructed with a metal building kit.

The most important thing that you need to do is to ensure that the area that has been identified for your building is large enough. As long as you have this, it will be fine for you to proceed without needing any permit.

Choosing the Right Dimensions

While you do have the benefit of being able to choose just about any colors that you want for your building, there are certain dimensions that must be met in order to ensure that the structure is legal. Many people complain that these measurements are not always an accurate representation of what they need so it’s important to take this into account when you are choosing a kit.

In general, you should keep in mind that the building which is constructed from a kit has been constructed from measurements that are made over the entire structure. This means that if you want a square structure, it will measure out to be 45 feet on all sides. If you want a longer building then the measurements should be 90 feet or more.

The smallest structure that you can expect to get from a kit is going to be 24 x 32 which works out to be 768 square feet. The height of the building will vary from kit to kit but it usually falls within the range of 10-20 feet. This does not include your roof pitch unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer.

Where Can You Put It?

You will want to keep in mind that there are certain restrictions on where you can put your building. While these restrictions may not be as stringent as many people believe them to be, it’s important to note that you do have certain limitations when it comes to their placement.

In general, you have the freedom of being able to place your building just about anywhere that you want. This includes areas that are accessible to your home or other structures on your property. However, there are regulations regarding the siting of the structure which may be instituted by local zoning laws.

The most important thing that you need to do is make sure that there are no restrictions on where you can put up your structure. You will want to carefully read the local laws as well as consult with your local building department before you make a final decision regarding where you want to put it. If there are restrictions, look for another location that is not going to be controlled by these kinds of laws and ordinances.

Choosing a Location

It’s important to note that there are certain considerations that you need to make before you actually decide on a location for your building. This includes both the area where it will be placed as well as other environmental concerns which may arise.

The first thing that you need to do is identify an area where your structure can gain proper access and egress to and from the property. This will ensure that you are able to use your structure as intended.

Once you have identified the area where you want to place your building, it’s time for you to focus on other considerations. You need to make sure that there is enough distance between the structure and any property lines so that they don’t infringe upon your rights. There should also be enough space between your building and any neighboring residences or structures so that it doesn’t interfere with their day-to-day functions.

If the height of the structure exceeds 10 feet, you will need to have it installed at least 5′ from all property lines. The building code requires that when buildings are built within 3 feet of a property line, you will need to install a 2′ high fence.

The most important thing is to make sure that the building doesn’t conflict with any local ordinances or laws in your area. There are certain restrictions in place which ensure that these structures do not interfere with the public’s enjoyment of their surrounding areas. If this were to happen, you could be faced with a hefty fine as well as other restrictions which may make it difficult for you to use your building.

The Structural System

The structural system is going to vary from kit to kit depending on the manufacturer as well as the climate in which you live. In general, there are two main types of structural systems that you can choose from.

The first type is a truss-based system which you can find in many single wide and double wide homes. These trusses are manufactured by the company that supplies your building kit or they can be purchased from a local supplier. In most cases, the trusses will already have an OSB sheathing attached to them when they are delivered.

The second structural system that you can choose from is a standard floor joist design which is commonly used with the conventional stick-built building kits. Your shell will arrive at your site either completed or in sections for easy assembly on site. Once it arrives, it’s only a matter of assembling the section and either dropping it onto a foundation or setting it on a temporary level surface that you have created for this purpose.

Assembling the walls, door and window openings are next. Once these are in place, securing them to the floor joist system will provide you with your completed structure. The structural systems vary by manufacturer so make sure that you fully understand how to assemble your building prior to beginning the assembly process.

Choosing a Foundation

The type of foundation that you use will depend on your location and whether or not you have any access issues which may arise due to the terrain where your building is going to be placed. There are three main types of foundations that you can choose from and they include:

A concrete slab foundation is commonly used in areas that receive high amounts of moisture. This type of foundation can be poured on-site or you can have it prepared by a local contractor if you so choose.

A concrete pier foundation is built in much the same way as described above but they are installed in lieu of wood which would support your structure’s weight. These piers are installed on top of the footings and spaced 2 ft apart. These foundations can be used for any type of building kit but they are especially beneficial in areas where there is little to no soil or it may not be suitable for supporting your building.

A block pier foundation is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they are less expensive than the other two types of foundations. This type of foundation is more commonly used on concrete slabs or concrete pier foundations. It’s being promoted more today because the cost of building materials has drastically increased over the past few years since its first introduction.

The surface that you choose for your building’s foundation must be flat and free from debris to ensure that it will be level and properly supported. In addition to this, it’s extremely important that the surface is solid enough to withstand the weight of your building once it has been completed.

Rectifying Issues Once Your Structure is Installed

If you have a terrain issue with your foundation after your structure is installed, there are a few possible solutions that can rectify the problem.

The first possible solution is to install a sub-base that can help with issues such as uneven terrain. If your foundation is sinking in one area, this type of sub-base may be exactly what you need to fix the problem. There are two types of sub-bases that you can choose from including crushed gravel and concrete.

The second possible solution for this type of issue is to install piers under the floor joists. This method will lock your building into place and it can be used in conjunction with either crushed gravel or concrete to ensure that the weight of your structure is carried evenly across the base once it has been completed.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and affordable way to build your own structure, a kit is exactly what you need. Not only will the kit save you money by allowing you to purchase it at wholesale prices but assembling it on-site with other people in your community can be fun and rewarding .

Once you have your kit of choice, make sure that you fully understand how it is assembled and follow the instructions to ensure that the building is properly supported.

If you’re installing this type of structure on a concrete foundation or pier: You will need to install a layer of gravel (2-3″) along with a layer of sand (1-2″).

If you’re installing this type of structure on a concrete slab: You will need to install a layer of gravel (1-2″) and then place your building directly on top of it.

If you’re installing this type of structure on a block pier foundation: You will not need to add anything in addition to placing the block pier foundation directly underneath your building.

Once you have completed installing your building, make sure that you protect all of the exposed edges with a high-quality exterior-grade sealant for added protection.

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