60 X 120 Metal Building

60 X 120 Metal Building – Build The Right Size Building

60 X 120 Metal Building – When you’re looking for an economical option for constructing large equipment shed, a warehouse, or a metal carport, you should consider getting a steel building. A 60 X 120 metal building for example can provide all of your needs. It would be the ideal structure for you.

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This article will look into the things that you can get when you choose a metal building.

60 X 120 Metal Building Size

With a 60 by 120 metal building, you can get as much as 20,500 square feet of space. It is enough space to hold even the largest equipment. With a size like this, it would be perfect for farming or any other large scale industry.

High Customization Options

This is one area where a metal building truly shines. The 60 by 120 steel building gives you the option to customize it in almost any way that you want. You could add accessories to its standard features to enhance its structure and design. You can also choose your own color or even add a logo to it. These customization options depend on how much you are willing to spend.

High Strength Galvanized Corrugated Steel Panels

These panels are among the strongest when it comes to steel structures. With that in mind, it is possible for this building shed to last a long time. This is due to the fact that these panels can prevent corrosion and rust. These panels are also impact-resistant, so they won’t be easily destroyed by external elements.

High-Quality Insulation And Floor

With high-quality insulation and floor, your structure would be perfect. This insulation protects the building from external factors such as drought and other weather conditions.


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High-Quality Flooring

High-quality flooring is another important aspect of a metal shed or structure. You can choose to use aluminium or galvanized steel for the floor. The high-quality flooring would ensure that you have a smooth and even foundation to build your structure on. With a strong foundation, it would be easier for you to install other features such as doors and windows.

60 X 120 Metal Building – Build The Right Size Building

Since this is one of the largest metal buildings, you can customize it in any way that you want. You could also choose to add accessories and features to make sure that your structure would match your needs. With a 60 x 120 steel building for sale, you would have a structure that you can use for a long time. The building would also be strong, so it wouldn’t be easily destroyed by external factors such as changes in temperature and weather conditions.

With a 60 x 120 steel structure for sale, you would have the perfect shelter that you can use for different purposes. The strong materials would also ensure that the building would last a long time. You wouldn’t have to worry about replacing or repairing them anytime soon.

Why Metal?

There are several building materials that are available now, but why should you choose metal? There’s a lot of reasons why you should choose metal as the material for your building. One of the main ones is its durability. Out of all the materials used for construction, steel, which is the most common metal used for construction, has the highest tensile strength.

The tensile strength refers to the amount of force required to break or bend a material. So, a material with a high tensile strength would require a great deal of force to break. When used in a building, steel lends its high tensile strength to the structure, giving it a durability that cannot be found in other types of buildings.

It’s not surprising that a lot of designers turn to steel when they want buildings that are designed to be strong and capable of handling a lot of punishment while staying lightweight at the same time. It’s not easy to achieve that. You need to have the right material and steel is that material.

More importantly, a metal building is an economical solution for buildings of all types. While it’s true that you have to consider the initial cost, your building will be more economical in the long run. For example, a steel structure would require less time for construction compared to wooden structures because steel can withstand heat and forms quickly.

Problems with Other Building Materials

Perhaps the best way that we can highlight the usefulness and the strength of steel as a building material is by pointing out the problems with wood and the other materials used for building. Here are some of the issues that you may encounter with wood:

  1. Shrinkage – Wood contains a great deal of moisture. When they were still part of a tree, wood is actually soaked in moisture. When used for building, wood is treated and dried but when it becomes exposed to moisture again, wood will have the tendency to swell. When it becomes dried, it also has the opposite tendency which is to shrink.
  2. Pests – Termites feed off the wood. And when they infest a building, they can cause enormous damage within a very short period. While wood can be treated with chemicals during construction to prevent termite infestation, it does not remove the possibility completely. There is still that chance. Also, wood is prone to fungi infestation as well. That can cause damage as well.
  3. Fire – Perhaps the biggest problem that you have to face with a wooden structure is the danger of fire. A wholly wooden structure can burn down to the ground within a short period. This can be a real problem when you are using the structure to store important items.
  4. Maintenance – Because of the unique qualities of wood, it requires careful maintenance on your part. You really have to take care of the structure and make sure that it is protected properly from the elements. Wood may have to be repainted regularly, especially in the exterior to make sure it can handle exposure to the elements.

These are some of the issues that you will encounter when you’re dealing with a wooden building.

Uses of 60 X 120 Steel Buildings

A 60 x 120 metal building can be used in different applications as follows:

Agricultural structures – Since it would be used to protect your equipment, you can use a metal building for this purpose. It could be used as an animal barn or cattle shelter. You can also use it as the storage house for the farm implements that are being used in farming.

Warehouse – This is especially useful if you want storage space that can accommodate a lot of products. You don’t have to worry about product damage because of its steel construction. It will also protect the items from fire and water damage.

Assembly area – This can be used as a place for workers to assemble when they are going out on projects or receiving new machinery.

Offices – If you want to have a place for your employees to work, this is the building that you should consider. It has enough space without being too big so it won’t take up too much of your time and money maintaining it.

Hardware store – You can use an organizational steel building as the hardware store. Just put in some shelves, add a few electrical outlets, and you’ll be set.

Metal carports – You can use 60 x 120 steel kit buildings as carports for your vehicles. It would protect them from the elements and make sure they do not rust easily. Steel carports come in different designs and the advantage is that you can choose designs that fit your car and taste.

Garage doors can be made out of metal in order to match your metal carport.

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You can consider using metal buildings when you want to have a facility that is strong, capable of protecting what’s inside, and one that will not devour too much of your resources.

Metal garages – You can also use metal garages as your storage place for your farm equipment. It will protect them from the weather and hopefully not rust easily.

Metal sheds – A 60 x 120 metal kit building is also perfect as a shed for storing all kinds of tools or equipment that you have around your home

Smaller residential construction – You can actually make a steel building your home if you wish to have one. In fact, several manufacturers offer prefabricated homes that are already made from steel. That just goes to show how versatile steel really is when it comes to construction.

The advantages of this type of structure are just too many to list here. It’s better than you can look into them yourself so that you can get a better picture of what steel really is about.

Additional Steel Building Advantages

As mentioned earlier, steel is the strongest of the common building materials used now. But here are additional reasons why you should really consider steel for your 60 X 120 Metal Building:

  1. Low Cost – Compared to what it would cost you to build a structure made from other materials, it’s cheaper to use steel. That’s because steel buildings are prefabricated. That means they are made in factories and will just have to be assembled on the site. That translates to lower building costs.
  2. Better Insulation – The deep wall cavities found in 60 X 120 Metal Building are ideal for the placement of insulating materials. That means a metal building can now be used as an office or maybe even as a residential space since it can be made very comfortable.
  3. Fast Assembly – Assembling the sections of a metal building is a lot faster than building a wooden structure from scratch. With skilled help, it can be done within a short period and you can have your building in no time at all.

These are just a few of the additional reasons why a 60 X 120 Metal Building should be your choice.

Now, you might be wondering, how much does a 60 X 120 metal building cost? The cost will vary but you can expect to be between $40,000 and $43,000. The designers will have to factor in the location and the conditions there so you can expect the price to go up if there are strong winds there since the building would need more support.

Customize Them to Your Specifications

Now that you know the basic things that you need to know about a 60 X 120 metal building, there are other things that you can customize as well. For example, you can choose the way it is opened and closed depending on your needs. You can also choose how many doors and windows it should have.

You can even ask for extras such as lighting and ceiling fans to help keep the space cool even during summer. All these can be done without charging you a lot so it’s worth asking for them.

You might also want to consider painting the metal building in bright colors if you want it to stand out among other buildings nearby. You can also ask for different roofing styles if you want.

There are just so many things that you can do to customize a 60 X 120 metal building and since they come prefabricated, it will be easy for you and the designers to discuss all these things. It won’t take long too so start looking for manufacturers who offer customizable buildings now!

How much does a 60-120 steel building cost?

The cheapest way to get a new building is via pre-built steel buildings on sale.

Steel building prices are about the same as buying them in kit form, but with kits, you have to put it together yourself.

In general, if you’re looking for an economical choice, flat roofs are cheaper than sloped roofing system, and gable roofs are cheaper than hip roofs.

A metal building price is determined by many factors such as: Building Size, Metal Type, Building Style, Brand & Manufacturer, and Location.

Building Size

Size Matters! The larger the steel frame is and more you’re able to customize it to your liking, the greater chance there is of a steel structure costing you more money.

Metal Type

As mentioned above, the type of metal used for your building will have a large impact on its price.

You can expect to pay more per square foot in order to get a steel building with thicker gauge steel.

However, if you are in need of an industrial grade steel structure but cannot afford the high cost, using galvanized steel is a good way to go.

Galvanized steel is thicker, but at a much lower cost. Plus, it offers the same protection against corrosion.

Building Style

Building style may also affect prices. For example, a gambrel building will cost more than a gable or flat roof building that is the same size.

There are so many styles out there and it’s best to consult with a steel structure manufacturer you’re working with to get specific pricing.

Brand & Manufacturer

Brand & Manufacturer are another big factor in determining how much your building will cost you!  Some brands are more expensive than others due to higher quality construction and energy efficiency factors.


Location is always a factor in determining the price of anything.

You can expect to pay more for an industrial steel structure if it is located near large cities where there are more people working in that industry.

For example, if you are interested in pre-engineered metal buildings USA, then the East Coast will have higher prices than other areas due to its close proximity to command central.

Cities like Seattle, WA, Chicago, IL and New York City will all have higher prices than outlying areas do for any structure or service provided.

60 X 120 Metal Building Prices – What Will It Cost To Build?

By looking at the five factors listed above, you can see how much your steel building construction project will cost you.

You may be able to save a few bucks by going with a lesser-known steel building company, but if their craftsmanship lacks in quality, you could end up spending more money on repairs and maintenance down the road.

You may want to save money, but having a contractor who is reliable and knows what they are doing is just as important.

When it comes to building buildings made of metal, choosing the right company with the right experience will be the difference between a project that’s done on time and on a budget or one that ends up costing you more than you had expected.

You will find a 60 X 120 metal building price can vary depending on the size, manufacturer and location of the building.  The best way to get a total cost is to ask manufacturers for a free consultation or estimate.

The average price for a standard 60’x120’building is between $12,000 – $15,000 per building.

Now keep in mind this is just an average price and some manufacturers can offer you a deal while others may be more expensive.

The best option is to shop around for the best prices while comparing all four factors listed above.  This way you get the most value for your money.

Things to Consider when Buying a 60 X 120 Metal Building

There are many things that you need to consider before you would choose this building. The following are just some of the most important things that you should take into account:

Size and Layout: You must determine your preferred size and layout. This is essential because it will determine the size of the building and this, in turn, would determine how much it would cost you.

Aspect ratio: You must also take into account that aspect ratios have a huge role to play when choosing a building. The main reason for this is that most metal buildings are built with taller walls which in turn means that they tend to be on the shorter side.

With this in mind, you must not forget that you can always get a building with taller sidewalls even though the property is of a smaller size.

This would mean getting an area of 8 feet wide by 16 feet tall for example.

However, you have to understand that the price will also be affected which in turn means that you might end up spending more money than you originally planned.

Different Uses: If you are planning to use the building for different uses, then this is another thing that you should take into account when choosing a metal building.

For example, if your only use of the building will be for storage, then it wouldn’t matter even if it was used. You can always use it for storage purposes only.

The most common types of metal buildings are pole barns, warehouses, garages and commercial steel buildings among others. If you want to have a large building with many uses, then most likely you will have to spend more money on construction.

If your needs are more specific, then you might want to consider the following types of buildings that are more suited for your needs.

  • Pole Barn Buildings- With pole barns, you will have a cheaper option when it comes to buying metal buildings. You can even get these in various sizes and this is another reason why they are very popular among homeowners. These types of buildings are often used for storage purposes.
  • Warehouses- These types of metal buildings are often used for commercial purposes. If you need a big, sizable building that can be used as a warehouse, then this is another type of building that you may want to consider especially if your business is related to warehouses or just needs some more space to store its inventory.
  • Garages- If you need a big building that can be used as a garage, then this may be another type of metal building that you should consider purchasing and if your home already has a garage or two, then this might also be the perfect solution to give it more room for parking and storage purposes.

These are just some of the most common types of metal buildings that are being sold in today’s market. You can always use them for different purposes but they are mostly used as garages, warehouses, stables and carports among other things.

Another thing to consider is the building height limits set by your local planning department.  To prevent issues with your local zoning laws, most municipalities require a certain height limit. Failure to do so may result in fines or worse.  Before you choose a building make sure it is not going to be an issue if its too high.

Cost: The cost of the 60 X 120 metal building is something that you should take into account before choosing your ideal structure.

The price of the building depends on a number of different factors. One of these is the size and layout that you will be using for your needs. It doesn’t matter what type it will be, metal buildings come in a wide range of prices.

Most homeowners choose to go for a pole barn or a standard warehouse-style structure. These types of buildings can be customized in a number of ways to meet your specific needs.

When it comes to price, you have options when it comes to getting a metal building. You have the option of getting one that is pre-fabricated or you can choose to get a turnkey structure which means getting one that is customized for your needs and requires local contractors to put together.

If you choose a pre-fabricated structure, then the price will be lower than if you go for a turnkey structure that is custom-built for your needs. The reason behind this is that the turnkey building already has all of its parts since it is preassembled. This saves time and money for all of the people involved in the building process.

If you go with a turnkey structure, then you have to hire contractors that will put it together. This involves more time and resources which is why this will be more expensive than just getting a pre-fabricated building.

These are just some of the factors that you need to consider when it comes to metal building costs.

Another consideration is the area you live in and its zoning laws and building codes.  The last thing you want is for your local planning or building department to determine that your metal structure doesn’t meet code and then have to pay fines or worse, be forced to tear it down.

Building Codes: The last thing you want is to buy a metal building and then have your local planning department determine that it doesn’t meet the code and order you to tear it down.

Before purchasing, make sure to check with your local planning or zoning office to see what their regulations are for metal buildings around where you live.  The building codes vary from area to area, so make sure you are in compliance with the local law.

You can start by giving them a call to ask what their regulations are or if they have any forms on their website that you can fill out for more information.

If they don’t have any information on their site, then feel free to call and speak with someone who is in charge of permitting.  You can tell them what your needs are and they will let you know if it is permitted or not,

Shade: Another thing that you need to consider is shade. This comes into play when choosing metal buildings for sale especially if you live in an area where temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

If you live in an area where the heat can get intense, then it would be a good idea to choose a metal building with shade from overhead.  These types of buildings have taller roofs so they can provide more shade for everyone working around the structure.

This is important because most people spend several hours out in the sun working on projects, so having shade is something that makes it more comfortable to work.

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