50 x 50 Metal Building

50 x 50 Metal Building: Best Uses and Cost

50 x 50 Metal Building – Prefabricated steel buildings provide real estate owners with the chance to customize a structure faster and cheaper. However, if not properly planned out, the structure can end up being far more expensive than originally thought. How much is the real cost to build my pre-engineered steel building? This is an excellent question that all customers should be asking instead of just how much the steel building’s purchase price is. There are several things to consider when determining your actual cost of construction. 

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What is the zip code where this building will be located?

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Applications of 50 x 50 Metal Buildings

Here are some specific types of buildings that work best for a 50 by 50 metal building kit.

1) Warehouses or Storage Sheds

A 50 x 50 steel building kit works great as either a warehouse or storage shed. The large open space is great for keeping large equipment, keeping delicate items safe, or storing extra materials.

2) Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are relatively easy to construct with metal building kits. The clean lines of the structure and its affordable price makes it an ideal option for businesses looking to expand their facilities. A 50 x 50 steel building kit would work well as an office building as well as a restaurant or retail store.

3) Industrial Buildings

It is common for people to forget about the benefits of owning an industrial space until their current space becomes too cramped.  Metal buildings may not be as visually appealing as standard construction, but they work incredibly well and they are significantly cheaper than concrete and brick structures.

4) Storage Trailer

A 50 x 50 steel building kit would work incredibly well as a storage trailer. The open floor space makes it easy to fit different sized objects inside the structure, and the large roof allows for plenty of ventilation to keep your items safe from moisture damage.


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5) Boat or RV Storage

The long term security that comes with owning a large metal building kit is perfect for people looking to store their RV or boat over the winter.  The open floor space is perfect for keeping your recreational vehicle out of the elements, and you can set up enough security measures to keep it safe from thieves.

6) Portable Office

If you need office space that can be easily moved, a 50 x 50 steel building kit is perfect for your needs. The large open floor space allows you to fit all of the equipment you need, and the affordable price makes it easier on your budget.

7) Structural Shoring

A metal building kit can provide people with financial savings over time by providing them with sturdy structures that can be used time and time again.  Steel shoring can be used for a variety of projects including land development, excavation work, and more.

8) Carports

A carport made with metal building kits is sturdy enough to handle the winter weather without putting your vehicle at risk for damage. This type of structure is also great if you have a car that is difficult to fit under a standard carport.

9) Machinery or Farm Equipment Storage

The wide-open floor space of a 50 x 50 metal building kit makes it perfect if you need to store some large farm equipment. The structure is also great for storing various other types of machinery as well as vehicles.

10) Boat or Car Storage

For those who need to store just one vehicle, a 50 x 50 metal building kit works well. The large open floor space makes it easy to fit even the biggest of vehicles inside the structure, and you can choose your own design for your carport (ex: if you want to use it as an office or retail space).

11) Cattle Pens

If you’re raising cattle, a metal building kit works great as a cowshed. The open floor space is perfect for keeping your livestock safe while still letting them have plenty of room to move around, and the large roof gives sufficient ventilation so they won’t get overheated in the summer months.

12) Greenhouse

A metal building kit can provide you with a greenhouse structure that is more affordable than traditional greenhouses but still provides all of the benefits. The open floor space allows for ample room to grow your plants, and the large roof gives enough shade so they won’t get scorched during hot summer days.

13) Garages or Workshops

If you need to store vehicles, a steel garage is perfect. The durable steel frame provides plenty of support for homes, commercial buildings, or even outbuildings. You can choose your own design so it blends in with the other structures on your property, and choose how much open floor space you want depending on your needs. You can also select the garage doors you want, depending on whether you need to use the garage for vehicles or as storage space.

Steel garages are great for people who need to store multiple vehicles, as you can fit up to six cars inside one of these structures with ease.

14) Livestock Shed

Large livestock such as horses, cows, and pigs require a large amount of space to live comfortably. A metal building kit is perfect for this type of use because it provides the animals with the open floor space they need while still giving you plenty of headroom for your tractor and other farming equipment. The durable steel construction can withstand the weight of your tractor and other equipment and is easy to set up.

15) Recreation

Metal building kits provide plenty of space for recreational uses such as a basketball court or hobby area. The bright open spaces make it perfect to hang out with friends and family, and you’ll be able to entertain guests all year round regardless of the weather conditions.

16) Retail or Office Space

Steel is a great material for creating a retail space because it stands up to high traffic quite well without being too easily damaged. The open floor space gives you plenty of room to fit all types of furniture and display units, and the large hip roof gives you an abundance of headroom so you can install high ceilings for a more spacious feel.

17) Boat Docks

A durable steel boat dock made with metal building kits is great if you live along the water and need somewhere to store your boat. The supports under the floor provide plenty of room for attaching cleats, which makes it easy to tie up your vessels. You can also choose the size of your dock based on how many boats you need to store.

18) Hockey Rink or Skating Area

If you’re looking for a large structure to house an ice rink, a metal building kit is perfect. The large hip roof gives plenty of headroom for creating domes for artificial light during winter months and can be customized to fit your needs. You can also add a Zamboni room so you won’t have to store the machine in another building.

19) Horse Stables

A metal building kit can provide horse stables that are more affordable than traditional wood or brick barns, but still, maintain all of the same benefits. The open floor space allows for plenty of room to keep your horses, and the durable steel construction will stand up to their hooves. The large hip roof is perfect for ventilation in the summer months and can be customized if you need more headroom.

20) Piping Shelter

If you’ve got a lot of piping spread out on your property, a sturdy metal building kit can provide you with a shelter to keep it safe when not in use. The large hip roof gives plenty of headroom for your equipment, and the durable steel frame can hold up to any weather conditions.

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And many more..

There are so many different uses for a metal building kit it’s hard to name them all. If you’re looking to build something new on your property, be sure to look into metal building kits. They provide the same durability and functionality as brick or wood structures at a much more affordable price, which means you’ll save money on construction costs

How much does a 50 x 50 Metal Building Cost?

How much is the real cost to build my pre-engineered steel building? This is an excellent question that all customers should be asking instead of just how much the steel building’s purchase price is. There are several things to consider when accounting for your actual cost of construction pre-engineered steel building.

Metal buildings are also very easy on your pocket as they are designed for owners to get the most out of steel qualities. 50 x 50 metal building prices usually range from $19,900 to $22,500.00 or around $7.96 to $9 per square foot. Note that these are estimated pre-shipping costs and assume the structure is meant to be erected in non-snow regions with typical, light wind speeds. Any special design requirement or local code guidelines may also affect the total cost.

Following is a list of the expenses which will factor into your total cost

  1. Purchase of land. Do you already own the land or have to purchase or lease it?
  2. Building permits for each stage of building. You may need a permit, including foundation, electricity plumbing, etc. Electricity permits will be needed for running wires, breaker boxes, and other things. Plumbing items you need to consider are pipes, sewage, drains, toilets, etc. Check with your city and/or municipality for details on the permits you will need.
  3. Land preparation. This includes clearing, grading, and getting the land level.
  4. Foundation. Generally, there are three options which are (a) piers, (b) perimeter foundation without a concrete slab, or (c) a perimeter foundation with a concrete slab. Ask your salesperson for help in making this decision if you are unsure.
  5.  Delivery of the building. You’ll want to know how much the building weighs and the cost of delivering it.
  6. Walls. Most pre-engineered metal buildings come with arches only, but some come with walls.
  7. Finishing. Contractors may need to hire outside trades or a contractor for specialty finishing or other work outside of the steel building company’s expertise, depending on your building’s specifications. This can include drywall painting, special outer coverings, or finishes.
  8. Insulation. Depending on your building style, location, and use will dictate what type and how much of a particular installation you will need. Suppose you choose to have insulation. Regardless of use, a metal building is recommended to have fiberglass blanket insulation as it can help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy costs. This type of insulation is very easy to install during building erection. The cost you may need to insulate a 50×50 building with fiberglass is around $3,000 to $3,500.
  9. Furnishings. Depending on the building use, you will need things like office, desks, chairs, sofas, security system, equipment, lighting, etc.
  10. Property taxes. You may be paying additional taxes as a result of having a steel structure. You should check with your local authorities or tax agencies to inquire about this information.
  11. Miscellaneous course. This can include extras like door locks, window treatments, etc.
  12. Taxes on the purchase. Buying online can save you a lot of money on sales tax. Ask your salesperson where exactly they are located.
  13. Construction of the building. Time has a value, and you need to determine who is constructing your building and what their time is worth. Even your own time, your friends’ time, and your family’s time, and if needed, steel building construction specialist’s time.
  14. Doors. You may or may not have doors included with the purchase of your building.

How to start figuring out what you need for your 50 x 50 steel building?

Now you can figure out the numbers for all these items and add them to your initial building price to get your total cost. If you need just a basic place, start with a pricing idea, and you can start with these three basic pieces of information: building type, size, and sales price.

This type of information can be found on the company’s website or in advertisements. Where not all this information is provided, you may need just to contact the 50 x 50 Metal Building company directly to get the missing piece of information.

It is recommended that you make as detailed a list as possible of everything you will need to make your 50 x 50 Metal Building function down to every chair, desk, light, etc. Once you have your master list for everything you need, you can then retrieve estimates of the cost from all those items from stores like Home Depot once you have your building price and your items quotes at ten to fifteen per cent to the final cost to get your real cost.

Tell me the best way to determine the size of your 50×50 metal building.?

If you know the total square feet of your building, then get a basic type of building and go from there. The size of the 50 x 50 metal building is based on the available room and what you need for storage or your work activities. The size of the buildings can vary quite a bit, but we have seen most people buy somewhere between 1,500 to 3,000 square feet.

About Construction of the Building?

You can build it yourself (DIY) or hire local contractors to do all or part of the construction. If you are not familiar with building codes to prepare your plans, you may need to work with someone who is knowledgeable about steel building codes and requirements.

When you purchase a steel building, always make sure to read the fine print and warranties. Quality standards vary from one company to the next. It is always recommended that you should ask for references and customer reviews before making any decisions on the purchase of your metal building: it can help reduce your risk and result in a better purchase experience.

Advantages of Prefab 50 x 50 Metal Building

A pre-engineered steel building system offers many benefits which you can not get with stick-built (wood frame) homes.

Saves Money

Unlike stick-built homes, prefabricated steel buildings require less time to construct and therefore save money on labor costs.

Do-it-yourself projects can save you a lot of money and provide you with a good sense of accomplishment. Metal buildings offer an easy-to-follow guide that will assist you during the building process.

Steel prices are much more stable than lumber and you can buy smaller amounts without a huge financial risk.

Low Maintenance

A lot of people underestimate the importance of steel buildings in their life. Steel buildings, if designed and put up correctly, can provide safety, security and shelter to anything or anyone you’d like to keep safe. Because steel is highly durable, it does not require much maintenance compared to other types of materials used for building construction. The same thing goes for fencing, gazebos and other metal structures you’d like to install. It will last longer than its counterparts so it is definitely worth the investment.


Steel building systems are designed to be durable and strong enough to withstand harsh outside elements such as rain, snow or wind. Due to its strength, steel buildings are typically installed at locations where high wind speeds are present. Unlike other types of materials, steel has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions without deteriorating or corroding.

It Resists Termites and Other Insects

Steel is resistant to termites and other insects which can cause damage to wood structures within a short time. With this in mind, it will save you the trouble of having to replace wood structures after a few years.

Noise Reduction

Because of its stiffness, steel provides excellent noise insulation. Steel buildings are great sound barriers between your living space and the outside world. It can also reduce noise levels at industrial plants or other areas where high degrees of noise are expected.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from being versatile structures, pre-engineered steel buildings are very appealing to the eye. They can add value and appeal to any property. If it is properly designed, your steel building will look like a part of your home instead of an add-on structure. Its appearance beautifully complements the design and architecture of various types of homes such as contemporary, modern, rustic etc.


Steel is a more eco-friendly material because it can be recycled and reused without damaging the environment.

It is a renewable material which means it can be recycled over and over again without wearing out. Recycling steel does not require high temperatures unlike other materials such as aluminum or plastic which requires extreme heat to transform the product into another form.


Steel is a versatile material that can be easily customized to suit your design preferences. You can choose a variety of colors depending on your existing home interior and exterior designs. As a result, your steel building will blend beautifully with its surroundings making it look as if it was part of the original construction from day one.

Just like custom homes, by selecting different frames and panel styles you can create the metal building of your dreams!

Clear Span Framing

A clear span building is a pre-engineered steel structure that has a column-free space. In other words, the span between two bearing points should be free from obstructions such as poles, columns, beams etc. This type of framing will maximize the use of space and allow for easy installation of electrical wiring owing to its wide spans.

The list of benefits goes on and on! Having a prefabricated steel building may not be your idea of fun, but when you have one installed on your property, you won’t be disappointed. In addition to being functional, it can also beautify any establishment and provide a sense of security for that inside.

Pre-engineered steel building offers all these benefits and more. If you are looking for a solid steel building that meets or exceeds FEMA standards, is affordable and will save you lots of time and money to build, consider buying a pre-engineered steel building.

What are the factors I should consider before buying a metal building?

There are many important factors you should take into account before choosing a pre-engineered steel building. Here are some of the most significant factors you need to consider before making a purchase:

Know your budget and compare metal building prices

The first factor you should take into account is your budget. It’s important that you choose a steel building within your financial capability so that you don’t strain yourself financially just to build it. To avoid spending too much money, make sure you consider all the expenses involved such as delivery and installation, fees for permits and requirements from local authorities, shipping costs among others.

Inspections compliance

A significant factor you should take into account is whether it has been approved by your local authorities or not. With a building that has passed inspection standards set by your local authorities, you can be assured that you are getting a reliable and safe building worth your money.

It should also have the required certificates before it is installed at your site. The company should provide these documents to give you peace of mind knowing that everything is going as expected.

Construction style

Another factor to keep in mind is to check the construction style. It is essential that you choose metal buildings that are not only functional but also appropriate for the physical location of your property. The site conditions should be taken into account before making a purchase. For instance, you need to make sure there are no slopes or hills around the area where it will be installed which may pose an obstruction after the building is installed.

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