40 x 120 Metal Building

Getting Your 40 x 120 Metal Building

Do you need a building for your retail store? Are you planning on building a new barn? You should think about using a 40 X 120 metal building. This type of building can meet most of the needs that you have. Before we go into the details of the 40 X 20 metal building, we need to look into the different reasons why steel buildings have become the popular choice among property owners.

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What is the zip code where this building will be located?

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Why a Steel Building System?

Here are a few of the advantages of metal buildings:

You can get lower insurance rates for steel buildings 

Yes, you can get a lower insurance rate for a 40 X 120 metal building compared to a wooden structure of the same size. That’s because a metal building can resist damage more effectively than other types of structures. Because of that insurance companies will offer considerable discounts for metal buildings.

Energy Savings 

Does this seem surprising? Some people think that metal buildings are not energy efficient. On their own, they’re not. Steel is a good conductor, so it can lose heat and cold quite easily but when the high-quality installation is installed, it can prevent the loss of heat and cold. That in turn can lead to a lot of savings. Because pre-engineered metal buildings have deep cavities in the walls, that means more room for thicker insulation to be placed. Installing modern insulation on a steel building can lead to a 50% reduction in energy costs.

Low Maintenance Requirements 

Another major benefit of choosing a steel exterior is that it will not require repainting too often as compared to wooden buildings. Once the metal building is up, it’s not going to need a new paint job too often. When you have a wooden building, another major maintenance job that you have to do is to watch out for termite and other pest control. A termite infestation can cause a lot of damage in a short time span which is why regular checking is needed. There is no need for that with a wooden building.

Less Chance of Foundation Problem 

You need to consider the long term effects of your choice when you are choosing a building. One benefit of picking a metal building is that you will have fewer foundation problems later on. A 40 x 120 Metal Building requires fewer pieces for the framing, which translates to a lighter weight. In the long run, the foundation will have fewer problems because of that.


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Metal Buildings Can Retain Value

All building types will lose value in the long run but metal buildings can retain their value for longer than other types. So, if you will have to sell the structure, eventually, you can still get a good price for it.

Steel Is Recyclable

At the end of the useful life of the 40 x 120 Metal Building, you can tear down the structure and sell the steel at a good price. While you can also sell the wood from an old wooden structure, it’s not very valuable.

These are just some of the reasons why choosing a metal building is going to be a good idea for you.

Common False Ideas About Metal Buildings

One reason why some people are hesitant to pick a 40 x 120 Steel Building is because of the wrong ideas that are quite common about it. Here are just a few false ideas about these types of structures that you should not believe:

Metal Buildings Can Interfere with Signals

Some people think that steel buildings can interfere with signals like cellphone signals, WIFI, and radio signals. That’s the main reason why they are hesitant to use metal because it might interfere with the way they do business or with their work. The truth is that a 40 x 120 Metal Building does not interfere with signals. In this regard, they are just like wooden structures.

Metal Buildings Are Limited in Design

Some people think that a steel building is rather limited in design. In reality, the properties of steel make it easy for designers to come up with new ideas for buildings that are unique.

Metal Buildings Cost More 

Others are hesitant to use metal buildings because they believe they are more expensive. The truth is that steel buildings are far more cost-effective than more traditional types of buildings. Because they require less labor to erect, they will cost less to build.

Uses of a 40 x 120 Metal Building

Let’s take a 40 x 120 Metal Building. This building has a floor area of 4,800 square feet. That should be enough space for:

  • Commercial spaces – Restaurants, retail stores, offices
  • Industrial Spaces – Manufacturing plants, warehouses
  • Storage Spaces – All types of storage including storage for boats and other recreational vehicles. There are plenty of uses that you can have for this building. You just have to be creative enough to come up with ideas. Just remember that these buildings will last a long time so
  • Workshops – Dog grooming, mechanical workshops, car repairs
  • Barns – Ideal for hay storage. If you are a horse lover or if you have other animals, this is the building that will suit your needs. It’s durable enough to last long.
  • Horse Stables – You can put in stalls and storage spaces here so it can serve as a good shelter for your horse.
  • Garage – You can put in a garage and store your car or motorcycles here so you will always have easy access to them.
  • Tractor Space – If you want, you can open up some space and install a tractor there so that you do not need to go out of the building into the elements when you want to start it or use it.
  • Small warehouses – If you want a space to store your inventory, this is going to be a good option. Because it’s less expensive than a regular warehouse, it will be an affordable solution for many small businesses that cannot afford a large warehouse.
  • Manufacturing facilities – If you want to start a small business, this space should be enough for the assembly line.
  • Assembly Plant – You can also use it as an assembly plant so that you can produce your products here instead of shipping them all the way from China.
  • Industrial leasing facility – if you are renting out to other businesses, they will love having their own space.
  • Storage space for boats – because it’s large enough, you can have your boat stored here. It will be right at hand when you need to use it so that means more fun for you.
  • Large workshops – if you are planning to start a hobby business or perhaps an Etsy store, this is the perfect building for you.
  • Retail stores – if your business needs a lot of space, this is the perfect option. You can put one big store or several small shops here depending on the number of people that you want to serve at any given time.
  • Churches – if you want to turn your house into a church, this building will be perfect for the sanctuary.
  • Movie production – if you are in the movie making business, it might suit your needs because of its size and the tools that it can provide.
  • Equestrian facilities – If you love horses, this is where you can start an equestrian business.
  • Food establishments – if your business needs a whole lot of space, this building will be perfect for storage and kitchen space as well as dining room space for customers.
  • Large manufacturing plants – If you want to run a large manufacturing plant, this is going to be the solution for you. It’s big enough and it has the space that you need for assembling your products.
  • School buildings – If you want to convert your house into a school, this building will be the best option for the classrooms.
  • Office spaces – If you want to start your own business, this can be perfect for the office space.

In short, a 40 x 120 Metal Building is not just a great tool to use if you are planning on building a garage or storage space. You can actually put in a lot of uses here so it will be an asset that you can use for many years to come. When your business grows and you have the money, you can always expand but for now, you have everything that you need.

In the end, the 40 x 120 Metal Building has plenty of uses and they can help you save money in the long run. That’s why it’s a great building solution to use not only for a garage but also for a warehouse, manufacturing facility, workshop and many others.

Cost – Metal Building Prices

So, a pre engineered metal building is a great choice but how much will cost you?

It’s a very versatile building size that can accommodate changes later on to upgrade it. You can expect metal building prices of this size to range anywhere from $30,00 to $33,000.

Metal building prices are also influenced by different factors, including accessories you want included as follows:

  • Foundation – It’s not included in the package so you will need to purchase it separately. If you are unsure, you should just hire an expert to do the installation for you.
  • Garage doors – If you are planning on using your building as a garage or workspace, this might be important.
  • Wall panel – this is where insulation and extra protection will come in handy.
  • Walk in doors – if you want to have an extra door for ease of movement, this might be the best option.
  • Delivery fees – If you decide you want your metal building delivered, this will be a separate fee sometimes added on top of the actual price of the building.

Building Codes of a 40 x 120 Metal Building

Most localities have their own set of codes about the safety of buildings. The code for building safety will cover things like structural integrity, fire safety, health, etc. Ask your pre-engineered metal building supplier if the area has any requirements that concern steel buildings and metal buildings.

The Building Code will cover items such as the strength of the steel bar joists, for example, as well as how far apart they can be spaced. The code may also require that there is a certain distance from the building to an oil or gas pipeline. Finally, if you live in a hurricane zone, you need to make sure that the building has a code that is hurricane-resistant.

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Looking For a Metal Garage? Compare Building Prices and Save!

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Looking For a Metal Garage? Compare Building Prices and Save!

Simplify your research by letting us do the work for you.