30 X 80 Metal Building

Why a 30 X 80 Metal Building Is a Great Choice

30 X 80 Metal Building – There are different building types that are available out there. Each type is suited for certain options. Now a metal building is quite popular and it is used in different settings. A 30 X 80 metal building for example can be used for a lot of things. This article will look into the benefits offered by this kind of metal building and also the cost of erecting one.

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Advantages of Metal Buildings

As building types go, metal buildings offer several distinct advantages over others. It’s not suitable for all types of uses but for the ones where they are a good fit, they are the top choice. It’s not surprising that they are the popular choice these days. According to statistics, 95% of all new industrial buildings are metal structures. That’s a very significant percentage.

But steel buildings are not just for industrial use. Even homeowners are preferring them to use as storage space buildings, garages, workshops, and even man-caves.

Why are 30 X 80 Metal Building so popular? Here are a few of the benefits that they can deliver:


Perhaps this is the main advantage offered by metal buildings. They are quite durable. In fact, steel is the most durable building material. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and other conditions that can cause damage to their buildings.

Steel Has High Tensile Strength

Steel has the highest tensile strength of all the common building materials that are in use today. In fact, steel is employed to fulfill safety standards. Tensile strength is the strength required to break a steel beam.


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The higher tensile strength means that designers will have more freedom in designing buildings without compromising safety at all.

Time Efficient

Many metal buildings are prefabricated. That means most of the work in building them has already been done. They will just have to be assembled on the site where they will be erected. That means the building can be erected faster when compared to other building types. That can save time and money.


This is one of the main reasons why metal buildings are very popular. When compared to traditional building construction, metal buildings can offer up to 30% in savings. The savings mainly come from labor costs because metal buildings are easier and faster to erect and assemble.

On top of the savings in the initial costs, metal buildings will cost less in maintenance over time. That’s another significant consideration by some owners why they choose metal structures.

Less Maintenance

Metal buildings require less maintenance. That translates to more savings to you as an owner and also less trouble since you don’t have to worry that much about the structure overall.

More Customization Options

Steel structures are very versatile, as mentioned earlier, which gives more freedom to designers. Now, this versatility also means that steel offers more customization options. They require less support which means that you can get more space with greater freedom of movement.

The customization benefit extends even after the 30 X 80 Metal Building has been built. Most of the time, expanding a steel building is just a matter of adding the sections to it. There’s no extensive redesign required.

Fire Resistant

Another major advantage offered by a metal building that makes it a really popular option is that it is fire-resistant. Although 30 X 80 Metal Building can be damaged and destroyed by fire, that would require very high temperatures and prolonged exposure, so there is less chance of that happening.


Since metal is less prone to the effects of weather and other adverse conditions, it can last longer than other types of buildings. So, if you are worried that metal is not going to be worth it since it is more affordable, think again.

No Pests

Wood is an organic component that makes it vulnerable to an infestation of pests. They are also more prone to fungus and mold growth. You won’t have that sort of problem when you go for a metal building.

Cost of a 30 X 80 Steel Building

You’re probably convinced now that a metal building is the best option for you. Now, you must be wondering how much it would cost you. If you are planning on a 30 X 80 structure, then the cost can range from $20,500 to $22,500. There are a lot of things that might affect the final cost but you need a budget within that range.

Keep in mind that a 30 X 80 Metal Building will give you 2,400 square feet which are enough for most requirements but it still depends on the kind of work that you have. These are just some of the things that you should know about metal buildings, particularly a 30 X 80 Metal Building.

Factors Affecting Metal Building Prices

Before you go ahead and buy a metal building, you should know that there are several factors that can affect the final cost. Here are just some of them:

  • Color – Metal buildings usually come in light grey so if you want to have a color other than this, it might increase the price.
  • Accessories – You also have to consider what accessories come with the building. The more you add, the higher the price.
  • Location – The location of your structure can also affect its price. It’s usually cheaper to build in rural areas than it is in urban ones.
  • Insulation Package – A metal-framed building without insulation will be less expensive than one with insulation. The insulated panels will cost more.
  • Interior finishes – If you want to have smooth interior walls, then that will affect the price. You can also choose not to finish it for a lower price. Thick insulation is usually applied on top of exterior walls for maximum efficiency and durability.
  • Wind Zone – The wind zone that your steel-framed building will fall in affects the price, too. High wind zones have materials with specific ratings so you might have to pay more for them.
  • Shipping – There are certain things that you have to consider if the metal building will be shipped to your location. The weight of the building and its dimensions can affect shipping costs.
  • Foundation – You need a strong foundation to support the weight of your metal building so if you want a concrete foundation, it will affect the final price.
  • Roof Type – If you want a different roof type than what is standard for your area, it might also affect the final price. A vertical roof type requires more metal so it might mean higher cost.

These are just some of the factors that you need to consider about metal building prices before finalizing your budget. Here’s a tip, though: a steel building is famous for being affordable so there is no point in setting your budget higher than what is recommended above. Just make sure that you include all additional steel building costs so you’ll have a better estimate of how much it will cost you. Also, see to it that the design adheres to local building codes so you won’t have any problem when it comes to installation.

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