30 x 60 Metal Building

Spacious 30 X 60 Metal Building: The Cost Of Building

30 x 60 Metal Building – You are about to start a building project. It involves building a structure on your extra space that would serve various purposes. It could serve as storage and as a workshop as well. That’s why you decided to go for a metal building instead of anything that’s made from other materials.

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What is the zip code where this building will be located?

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What you need to know about metal buildings

Metal building construction is an excellent option for many reasons. The predominant material is steel. This is the preferred roof construction material of most residential and commercial buildings. The customizable options are numerous and this will depend on what you want to view in your building. The building material from steel will last.

In general, this kind of durability will convince you to opt for buildings similar to the pole barns. The main reason people choose 30×60 metal buildings is that it’s versatile and easy to modify. Maybe because of artistic motives for example or more helpful functions that have no connection with how buildings look overall. Easily choose the metal structure for aesthetically pleasing uses too.

Here are some of the most typical uses for a pre engineered metal building:

Agricultural Storage




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Commercial Space

Auto Shop

Pre Engineered Metal buildings are also very easy to customize. The customization possibilities are numerous and it will depend on what you want to see in your building. It could be for aesthetic purposes or it could be for more useful features that have nothing to do with how the building looks overall. Here are some customization options to choose from:

More Applications of a 30×60 Metal Building

The 30×60 steel buildings are designed specifically for the needs of the residence and agriculture and commercial code requirements and have numerous applications and come in a variety of building style and can be customized to fit your needs.

Metal Building Homes

Seeing as how your home is one of the most important aspect of your life, you may not have though that getting a metal homes kit was the right path for you. But with the use of a metal homes kit, their costs were kept low and the building time was rather quick.

Metal Building Church

Probably one of the best uses of small 30×60 metal buildings I have seen is with church buildings. The reason for this is that many times churches, especially when they are just starting out, are operating on a limited budget.

Steel Building Retail Shop

In a retail climate where brick and mortar stores have to compete with the Wal-Marts, Targets, and Amazons of the world it can be tough to make a name for yourself. Set yourself apart with a metal building and still keep manufacturer costs at a reasonable level.

Commercial Retail Applications

• “Big-Box” Warehouse-Style Retailers

• Advertising Specialty Shops

• Antique Stores

• Appliance Stores

• Art, Hobby, and Craft Stores

• Auto Parts Stores

• Banks or Savings and Loans

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• Banquet Halls

• Barber Shops and Beauty Salons

• Beauty Supply Stores

• Book Stores

• Boutiques

• Carpet Stores

• Clothing Stores

• Jewelry Stores

• Lumberyards

• Mail/Package Services

• Mailbox Rental Services

• Medical Supply Stores

• Nurseries

• Office Supply Stores

• Outlet Stores

• Paint Stores

• Pet Grooming Facilities

Commercial Office Buildings

• Accounting/Bookkeeping/Tax Offices

• Advertising Firms

• Architectural Firms

• Bail Bondsmen

• Blood Banks

• Builder and Contractor Offices

• Commercial Rental Properties

• Corporate Administrative Offices

• Dental Offices

• Graphic Design Services

• Insurance Offices

• Interior Decorator Offices

Cost of a 30 x 60 Metal Building

A pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) is an excellent choice for anything who is looking to build. It’s hard to match because it is versatile while also being very cost-effective at the same time.

You get all kinds of shapes and dimensions with a metal building. But for one that measures 30 x 60 or a total area of 1,800 square feet, you get a lot of options as far as use of the building. That’s also the reason why it’s such a popular choice for both residential and commercial purposes.

For the cost, a 30 x 60 Metal Building will likely be between $15,700.00 and $17,700.00 plus shipping costs. This cost is for a design that is meant for a non-snow area that only needs to deal with standard and light wind speeds. That would translate to a steel prices cost of $8.71 to $9.83 per square foot interior space of the metal building.

However, you’ll need to keep in mind that the steel prices range could change and it might become significantly higher than that. It would really depend on the design that you want, the local building department, and if there are any changes and modifications that you would like to be made.

Why Choose Prefabricated Metal Buildings?

There are several reasons for building a prefabricated metal building to other types of construction.

Shorter construction time

 Prefabricated kits can be made in a short amount of time, sometimes as little as a few weeks depending upon the size of your construction. Using steel for your building package allows you to benefit from the advantages including it’s stability, strong flexible and will not rust or corrode with proper treatment.

Reduced construction cost

Construction cost is often lowered by as much as 60 % compared to traditionally built wood structures.

Dynamic changing footprint

Because a prefab metal building is easy to modify after the installation of the building, they are easy to expand as your needs mature.

Resistance to extreme weather

Weather conditions can affect your metal building. Steel holds up better than wood and is not subject to decay and rot.

Reduced building insurance costs

 A 30×60 metal building is harder to damage than wood which makes them attractive to insurers who see them as less risky.

How much is a 30×60 metal building kit?

There are many things that determine the cost of steel building such as wind and snow loads, elevation height and other options you wish for this building.

Cost of building a 30×60 metal building

The estimated cost is based around 30×60 metal building package around $15,700 and $17,700.00 including shipping costs. This expense is for a design intended for a non-snow zone. It is just enough to handle standard and light winds. It would represent costs of $8.71 to $9.83 per square foot.

Metal Building Prices – Maximizing the Cost

There are many ways to maximize the benefits that you can get from it and make it cost-effective.

For example, you can take special consideration of the location of the pre engineered 30 x 60 metal building. The location can dictate the kind of design that you’ll get as well as how it’s built by the contractors. Just make sure that you’re still able to meet whatever code requirements are set by the county and state.

Accessories and features can add to the cost of the 30 x 60 Metal Building, so you need to carefully consider that.

Insulation is a good example of an important accessory. You will likely want to insulate your 30 x 60 metal building so you need to be aware of the cost of adding it to the structure. The great thing about using insulation is that it’s not that expensive. So it’s not going to add too much to the overall cost.

A 30 x 60 metal building will require insulation that costs between $2,350.00 and $2,550.00 before shipping costs. For the purpose of insulating your 30 x 60 metal building, a 4” R-13 layer of fiberglass blanket insulation is the best choice. And it only takes very little effort to insert it between the framing and the sheeting of the 30 x 60 metal building.

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